Best Trails in Wyoming

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Wyoming, Carbon County

03 :56 hrs
7.1 mi
464.7505 ft

This 7.2 mile Loop leads you to the top of Medicine Bow Peak, which is the highest peak in the snowy range.


Wyoming, Albany County

02 :47 hrs
1.7 mi
381.30273 ft

There are three major routes leading to Medicine Bow Peak. This one begins at the Lewis Lake Trailhead and it is the most aggressive but also the shortest route of the three. It is a relatively short and beautiful hike, but also has some the exposure and dangers of alpine mountain exploring. Thunderstorms, lightning, and even snow can occur at any time of year.


Wyoming, Teton County

00 :15 hrs
0.6 mi
18.522217 ft

Loop featuring the Turquoise Pool, Opal Pool, Grand Prismatic Spring, and Excelsior Geyser. Each season offers a unique experience.


Wyoming, Teton County

00 :14 hrs
0.6 mi
10.789551 ft

Old Faithful Geyser Loop offers views of the geyser from all directions. The attraction is popular all year and allows a different experience with each season.


Wyoming, Teton County

00 :14 hrs
0.6 mi
8.702148 ft

Located north of Old Faithful, this is named for the unusual biscuit-like deposits that surround Sapphire Pool. It is an interpretive trail with geysers, mud pots, hot springs, and wildlife. It also connects to Mystic Falls, Fairy Creek, and Summit Lake.


Wyoming, Crook County

01 :05 hrs
2.8 mi
89.46289 ft

This is the longer of two loops which includes the Southside Trail and the Red Beds trail. You can also include the Valley View section which would add almost a mile. The Devils Tower is a one-of-a-kind monolithic feature that was the first to become a national monument. There is a fee charged upon entering the monument area.


Wyoming, Jackson Hole

05 :44 hrs
5 mi
374.55322 ft

This route will take you past the beautiful Phelps Lake and into a portion of Death Canyon. It is an option to continue in the canyon as a multi day adventure but the route is plotted as a day hike out and back. Use necessary precaution in winter for avalanche safety and awareness.


Wyoming, Jackson Hole

02 :16 hrs
2.9 mi
120.79663 ft

Start at the Jenny Lake Ranger Station and head west following a paved trail. The paved trail eventually disappears to become a dirt, easy-to-follow trail all the way to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. When you arrive at the boat harbor, follow signs and trails to Hidden Falls as you pass over bridges and thundering cascades.


Wyoming, Jackson Hole

04 :54 hrs
3.5 mi
687.83765 ft

The hidden gem of the Tetons. Mineral deposits give this lake its beautiful turquoise color.From the Lupine Meadows trail head follow the same path to Amphitheater Lake. At mile 2 is a sign to turn right towards Amphitheater Lake.Important: At the first switch-back turn on the Amphitheater Lake trail you must continue straight. The trail is not well traveled and you might think it isn't even a trail. The trail becomes more visible and is littered with cairns. The final approach is a scramble up a moraine. Be careful of slippery and loose rock up this steep rock field. There is no obvious trail in the moraine, so you must look for the cairns. Camp spots and picnic areas surround the lake. The massive peak you will be staring at is a rare vantage point of the Grand Teton. Enjoy


Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park

00 :36 hrs
0.3 mi
105.829346 ft

Most of this trail is a steel staircase and is quite steep down into the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. There is a lookout point at the bottom with unmatched views of the canyon.

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