Best UTV in Utah

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Utah, Farmington

00 :22 hrs
2 mi
29.579468 ft

This road starts at Farmington Canyon and ends at Steed Creek. It is a relatively flat road and can get pretty dusty, but runs along the edge of the mountains.


Utah, Juab County

00 :09 hrs
1.6 mi
138.25208 ft

Little Sahara Recreation Area features 60,000 acres of sand dunes and trails for OHV riding. This mapped location is the base of Sand Mountain, which is a popular hill climb that this area is best known for. There are miles of other trails/riding in the area.


Utah, Uintah County

00 :26 hrs
4.1 mi
127.20801 ft

This adventure begins at Iron Spring Campground off Red Cloud Loop. It makes a loop using trails 251 & 252. You'll reach the top of ridge with views in all directions and then pass by Dyer Mine. There are several sections steep and rocky hill climbs.


Utah, Bountiful

00 :51 hrs
4.8 mi
514.7274 ft

Beautiful Drive up above the B of Bountiful. It has great vistas of Davis County. It is a dirt road, but doesn't have any large obstacles.


Utah, Millard County

03 :19 hrs
32.1 mi
420.93103 ft

Located in the Mountain Home Range, this loop gives you access to the Mountain Home Mountains OHV trails. The loop varies from old jeep trails to graded county roads. Most are wide enough to accommodate full-sized vehicles. There are several intersecting trails to add to your route. The area is very remote with no cell coverage or services nearby. Bring plenty of water and never ride alone.


Utah, Iron County

05 :36 hrs
52.5 mi
690.9048 ft

This trail is loop number 2 of the Markagunt Trail System. It doesn’t see a lot of traffic so the trail is pretty thin in spots making it difficult for full-sized vehicles. It follows three-mile creek for a while then climbs out of the canyon bottom and descends to Sandy Creek. It intersects with Trail #1 and back to the start. Several spur trails branch off for more exploring.


Utah, Sevier County

02 :41 hrs
13.3 mi
942.91516 ft

Located in Fishlake National Forest this trail begins at Gooseberry Campground. It follows Squaw Hollow Trail for 2 miles over technical terrain. The trail then intersects with Oak Ridge Road and follows the Great Western Trail till I-70. Once you hit Oak Ridge Road the trail is easy riding till I-70.


Utah, Manti

02 :34 hrs
24.6 mi
1331.2391 ft

The Patton Trail Loop begins on Manti Canyon road. Pull Out parking can be found along the canyon road east of the forest boundary sign. The first section of the Patton Trai has a width restriction of 50” or less. If you are on a UTV, continue up the main canyon road 2.7 miles and turn right on trail #34. This bypasses the width restriction section of the lower Patton trail. You will travel through forests of oak, aspen, and pines passing by several lakes. A few of the popular fishing lakes are Snow Lake, Loggers Fork Reservoir, and Yearns Reservoir. Manti is OHV friendly as long as you obey the city OHV speed limit of 15 MPH, you are permitted on the streets (except Hwy 89).


Utah, Juab County

01 :44 hrs
8.7 mi
147.03894 ft

The Black Mountains is located just south of Jericho and can be accessed from Little Sahara or right off Jericho Road. The trails don’t see much usage and have a surface of rock or sand. A mix of trails is available to choose your own route.


Utah, Wasatch County

01 :54 hrs
9.3 mi
458.8562 ft

This route is part of the Strawberry OHV Trail System that surrounds the reservoir. There is excellent mountain terrain and a variety of trails to explore. This ride begins just north of Strawberry Bay Campground. The first section is a graded dirt road that is suitable for vehicles. It will soon intersect with the official Strawberry OHV Trail which is more like an ATV/Motorcycle trail. There are a few other trails that also intersect with this main trail so choose your own length.

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