Best Snowmobile in Utah

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Utah, Bountiful

03 :42 hrs
40.1 mi
1151.7992 ft

Lookout Peak


Utah, Cache County

01 :25 hrs
6.9 mi
554.0281 ft

Tony Grove Trail is a popular are for riding. The trail is a moderate climb through a twisty canyon up to Tony Grove Lake. There is a perfect place for playing and exploring once you reach the lake. Stay out of the Mount Naomi Wilderness Area to the northwest of the lake.


Utah, Wasatch County

04 :29 hrs
21.2 mi
502.73608 ft

The Strawberry Trail begins at Soldier Summit and climbs quickly along the White River through a forest of spruce and aspens. It is easy riding most of the way, with the exception of an area that flattens out up top. High winds are common and drifts can make the trail difficult to pass. There’s a warming hut along the way where the trail joins the Strawberry Snowmobile Complex.


Utah, Kane County

01 :55 hrs
8.8 mi
275.45386 ft

Strawberry Point Trail is a wide, flat trail that turns into a steep and narrow climb for riders. As riders come to the end of the trail, they will come across the incredible lookout at Strawberry Point. This trail has said to be the ultimate snowmobile trip in the Cedar Mountain Snowmobile Complex. Riders are encouraged to use caution in these areas since drifting occurs near the top of the trail.


Utah, Uintah County

03 :56 hrs
35.6 mi
482.18994 ft

Red Cloud Loop is designated as a National Scenic Byway. During the winter the scenery is just as incredible as the warmer months. The trail is mostly flat, wide, and well-groomed. It is suitable for riders of all abilities. There are two spurs available for more exploring. Grooming usually begins in January. High winds can cause severe drifting in less wooded areas around Trout Creek and Windy Park. Wintering moose are also common so be prepared to yield to them.


Utah, Sanpete County

02 :40 hrs
12.6 mi
1266.948 ft

Ephraim Canyon has some of the best riding in the state with easy access to Skyline Drive. The trail is wide and has shallows grades. There are a few twists and turns but no major obstacles. This is a groomed trail and deer are common so be cautious.


Utah, Wasatch County

01 :44 hrs
24.4 mi
770.9402 ft

Great riding that begins right off Hwy 40 near Strawberry Reservoir.


Utah, Utah County

05 :58 hrs
28.5 mi
1137.922 ft

Nebo Loop Road offers access to many ungroomed and side trails in the area. The main road is groomed from December through March. The trail has awesome views and winter scenery of the Mt. Nebo wilderness area and the Wasatch Range. Trailheads are found up Payson Canyon and Salt Creek Canyon. This area avalanche prone so snowmobilers should take appropriate precautions.


Utah, Emery County

01 :41 hrs
15.9 mi
461.33203 ft

Joe’s Valley South Loop offers a complex of mountainous trails in a backcountry setting. There is varied terrain and some incredible views. This loop is groomed with a little climbing. There are other options for additional riding to the north and south.


Utah, Cache County

00 :49 hrs
3.9 mi
172.54492 ft

The Amazon Trail provides access to the Beaver Creek Lodge for riders coming from Garden City. The trail is an easy, well-groomed trail that is ideal for beginners and intermediate riders. The first mile is narrow and prone to drifting. The second half is heavily wooded and has excellent riding with beautiful vistas.

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