Best Rafting in Utah

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Utah, Daggett County

03 :25 hrs
7 mi
26.12732 ft

The Green River is a popular and classic river that flows south out of the spectacular Wind River Mountain Range. This section begins at the Flaming Gorge Dam and is a beautiful run that is good for beginners and family trips. It flows through Red Canyon with steep walls that rise high above the river. It can be busy during the summer as this is a popular and famous section for fishing. There are raft/boat rentals available at Flaming Gorge Resort. There is good opportunity of seeing deer, moose, big horn sheep and other wildlife.


Utah, Grand County

08 :43 hrs
17.8 mi
49.147095 ft

Westwater Canyon is a classic and popular section of the Colorado River. Because of the amount of visitors a permit is required and experienced boaters only should paddle this. This is an incredible canyon so plan on a few days and leave time for exploring. The first few miles are tame where the canyon is open. As you approach cliffs some mild rapids begin with many play spots. The water picks up as Dolores Creek enters. Little Dolores rapids offer a popular play spot with an awesome wave hole. From here the fun begins where there are eleven named rapids that range in difficulty. Marble Canyon, Staircase Rapid, Big Hummer Rapid, Funnel Falls, Surprise Rapid, Skull Rapid, Bowling Alley, Sock-it-to-me, and Last Chance Rapid. Skull Rapid is the most technical because the river narrows from rock fall. The water speeds up and flows over large boulders that are hidden. Funnel Falls is tricky at high water. Check with the River Rangers for specific information regarding the rapids. Camping is permitted in designated spots only and will be assigned when you obtain your permit. Takeout is at Cisco.


Wyoming, Evanston

15 :11 hrs
30.9 mi
86.60596 ft

This portion of the Bear River starts in the Kayak park in Evanston and goes to Woodruff Narrows Reservoir. This is a long adventure and with the river being so flat there will be lots of paddling.


Utah, Green River

33 :48 hrs
67.8 mi
32.25232 ft

This is a popular multi-day river trip. Allow 4-6 days with time to explore the many side canyons. The Green flows wide, flat and slow through remote, deep desert canyons. Prepare for mosquitoes, biting flies and sunscreen. There is a lot of history along this stretch of river. Takeout is at Mineral Bottom. The river continues on to the confluence of the Colorado. If you choose to continue on you would need a power-boat to pick you up or a permit to paddle Cataract Canyon.


Utah, Rich County

29 :45 hrs
59.6 mi
22.388916 ft

This portion of the bear river goes though the farmland of southern Idaho. It also goes thought he Cokeville National Wildlife Refuge it has great views and wonderful bird watching along some of the banks. This is a flat water with lots of paddling. There is no portages and very little jump out spots.


Utah, Box Elder County

22 :39 hrs
45.4 mi
22.023071 ft

This portion of the bear river is a flat river paddle that goes though the farmland of southern Idaho. It has great views and is a fun paddle.


Utah, Carbon County

46 :24 hrs
94 mi
178.16064 ft

This section of the Green River flows through remote terrain out of the Uinta Basin. A permit is required and available at the Sand Wash put in location. Plan on 4-5 days for this adventure. For the first 25 miles the river flows slow and gives you plenty of relaxing time with occasional small riffles. Once you reach Desolation Canyon the rapids begin and continue with breaks in between and nothing to technical. Mosquitoes can be terrible so be prepared with repellent. Be sure you know the areas where camping is permitted. There are Indian Reservations and some require camping permits from the tribe. Takeout is at Green River State Park.


Utah, Uintah County

34 :49 hrs
70 mi
56.426514 ft

Beginning at Split Mountain this section of river flows to Ouray and offers a quiet multi-day trip. During the first few miles you will be within the boundaries of Dinosaur National Monument and will need a permit. There are a few small rapids but nothing technical. This is a relaxing float through farmland and low hills with abundant wildlife and birdlife.


Utah, Uintah County

16 :10 hrs
32.4 mi
8.728516 ft

This section of the Green River flows from Ouray to Sand Wash. This is a relaxing float through farmland and remote terrain. The river is flat, wide and slow moving with plenty of birdlife and wildlife.


Utah, San Juan County

05 :35 hrs
14 mi
167.7605 ft

This was a sea kayaking trip that we started from Stanton Primitive Campground after renting a 2 person sea kayak at the marina. It's a long but easy paddle. The views are great, and since it was late summer the boat traffic was minimal due to kids being back in school. Unfortunately we didn't get far into the canyon due to time constraints, but we did see a coyote roaming the shore from just about 100 ft away! As with any other trip here pack the usual supplies for any backcountry trip into dry bags and take them along.

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