Best Off Road in Utah

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Utah, Bountiful

03 :42 hrs
40.1 mi
1151.7992 ft

Lookout Peak


Utah, Grand County

00 :48 hrs
8.5 mi
98.83008 ft

Hell’s Revenge is a very popular trail in Moab and with reason to be. It is a super fun trail and a great way to experience the off-roading terrain in Moab. The trail intertwines with Slickrock Bike Trail so be cautious and courteous of bikers. There is also a fee to enter the Sand Flats Recreation Area. Most of the obstacles are large ledges and steep sections of slick rock. There are a few extreme obstacles that are optional.


Utah, Wayne County

00 :01 hrs
0.2 mi
2.9299316 ft

Caineville is also known as Swingarm City and offers a very unique riding area. People come from all over the country to ride here. It is a “free ride” area which means you are free to ride anywhere in the designated riding areas. There is no trail system but a few short trails on top along the “spines”. There is a lot of freestyle motocross jumps as well as other terrain to explore.


Utah, Grand County

01 :52 hrs
19.1 mi
891.869 ft

Top of the World is a popular and well-known off-road trail. It has some unique photo opportunities with a cliff that juts out where drivers park their rig to get a photo. The views are awesome and the off-roading is just as good. Right off the pavement, there is a 5-mile drive along the graded dirt Entrada Bluffs Road to reach the main trailhead. Expect small ledges, shelves, and protruding rocks. High clearance and 4WD is a must. Some of the obstacles can be bypassed. This is not suitable for stock SUVs.


Utah, Grand County

00 :58 hrs
10 mi
172.64404 ft

Fins and Things in another very fun and popular trail in Moab. It is short and gives you some awesome views. It is a little easier than Hell’s Revenge and can be done in a high-clearance SUV. Most of the obstacles are steep slickrock climbs with a few ledges. There are a few access points along the way but it a one-way loop.


Utah, Utah County

02 :21 hrs
10.2 mi
1051.1769 ft

Miller Hill is a hidden gem located up American Fork Canyon. It is a pretty easy trail with a few challenges mixed in. There is rich mining history in this area. The hill you ride to is named after Jacob and William Miller who discovered ore deposits in 1874. The road is bumpy and pretty narrow with occasional spots of navigating over bigger rocks. Views down into the canyon are awesome.


Utah, Utah County

01 :40 hrs
8.3 mi
420.042 ft

This trail follows what used to be the Tintic Railroad. It is easy going with no real obstacles or challenges and is suitable for stock SUVs. The road is smooth and graded and one of the highlights is a cool tunnel you will drive through. You will exit on to Highway 6 where you can head back toward I-15.


Utah, Farmington

00 :22 hrs
2 mi
29.579468 ft

This road starts at Farmington Canyon and ends at Steed Creek. It is a relatively flat road and can get pretty dusty, but runs along the edge of the mountains.


Utah, Utah County

01 :12 hrs
6 mi
643.0691 ft

The trail to Forest Lake is a popular off-road trail up American Fork Canyon. There is a large parking lot at Tibble Fork Reservoir to park trailers for those that are driving UTVs and ATVs. The actual trailhead begins about 3.3 miles past Tibble Fork Reservoir along the bumpy and dusty mineral basin road. There is a river crossing right at the beginning of the trailhead that can be pretty deep in the spring. The first mile of the trail is very rough with large boulders to maneuver around and very deep ruts. The rest of the trails is rocky but nothing too extreme. The scenery and lake is awesome and there is good chance of seeing wildlife at the lake and around the area.


Utah, Cache County

01 :25 hrs
6.9 mi
554.0281 ft

Tony Grove Trail is a popular are for riding. The trail is a moderate climb through a twisty canyon up to Tony Grove Lake. There is a perfect place for playing and exploring once you reach the lake. Stay out of the Mount Naomi Wilderness Area to the northwest of the lake.

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