Best Motorcycle in Utah

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Utah, Wayne County

00 :01 hrs
0.2 mi
2.9299316 ft

Caineville is also known as Swingarm City and offers a very unique riding area. People come from all over the country to ride here. It is a “free ride” area which means you are free to ride anywhere in the designated riding areas. There is no trail system but a few short trails on top along the “spines”. There is a lot of freestyle motocross jumps as well as other terrain to explore.


Utah, Grand County

01 :48 hrs
9.3 mi
155.16003 ft

Sovereign Trail is a single track dirt bike trail that is located about 10 miles north of Moab. The trails are well marked and some are directional so pay attention to the trail direction. Expect tight switchback and rocky terrain.


Utah, Emery County

01 :58 hrs
19.6 mi
228.18909 ft

Five Miles of Hell is one of the toughest singletrack dirt bike trails you’ll find in Utah and it is not 5 miles, it's more like 8. Begin on the Red Trail and enjoy some easy riding before you hit the obstacles. Expect Possible bike damage, tip-overs, and injuries are common. Expect major obstacles over ledges of slick rock and technical maneuvering. This is for expert riders only. The mapped adventure returns on the Lone Man Trail or you can go back the way you came if you dare.


Utah, Juab County

01 :27 hrs
14.7 mi
691.2019 ft

Located on the south side of the Nebo Loop road, this is a mix of Nebo Creek Trail, Page Fork, and trail 113. You will travel through a thick forest of trees on a single track trail with beautiful scenery. Expect some steep climbs and occasional rocky terrain.


Utah, Utah County

00 :37 hrs
3.3 mi
528.687 ft

This trail is located up American Fork Canyon and begins at Tibble Fork Reservoir. It is narrow singletrack that travels through a thickly wooded forest. It is mostly a dirt trail mixed with roots, ruts, and rocks. The beginning has some steep switchbacks. The trail is open to mountain biking and hiking so drive with caution and yield to others.


Utah, Utah County

00 :49 hrs
4.2 mi
583.2831 ft

Trail 40 is located up Mill Canyon (AF Canyon) and offers a challenging single track trail for riding. It is also open to hikers, mountain bikes, and horse riding. Expect a narrow singletrack trail the entire way with a dirt surface mixed with occasional rocks, ruts, and roots. The scenery is beautiful forest terrain. Can connect with other trails to make a loop or done as an out and back.


Utah, Grand County

03 :01 hrs
15.6 mi
173.22803 ft

The Western Rim Trail is an awesome rim ride above the Colorado River. You’ll wander in and out of huge side canyons with views of the La Salle Mountains, Colorado River, and farmlands. The trail is pretty fast and smooth with a mix of dirt, slick rock, and a few climbs.


Utah, Emery County

01 :24 hrs
6.9 mi
220.42297 ft

The Color trail system is a selection of single track trails that have a variety of terrain to explore. The Red Trail has the most challenging obstacles except for Five Miles of Hell. It travels over slick rock with steep climbs/descents and sand filled washes. It is for experienced riders only.


Utah, Emery County

03 :07 hrs
31.7 mi
252.37805 ft

Chimney Rock is located between Price and Green River. It offers a network of singletrack trails and plenty of options for riding. The trails are all pretty technical and follow washes or dried up creek beds. Trails surface is mostly dirt with lots of rocky sections that require some technical navigating


Utah, Millville

02 :40 hrs
14.1 mi
1222.0951 ft

This trail begins at the base of Millville Canyon. The gate usually opens in May and closes on December 31st. It begins on a dirt road up Millville Canyon and then you’ll reach the Dry Canyon Trail which is where the Single Track begins. There are a few technical switchbacks on the Dry Canyon Single Track that may require getting off the bike. This is a high mountain ride with spectacular views. Expect cooler temperatures up high.

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