Best Kayaking in Utah

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Utah, Rich County

19 :07 hrs
45 mi
0.00036621094 ft

Bear Lake is one of the largest Lakes in Utah . It has some great paddling, but the water is choppy, cold and it is quite windy. Weather tends to change quickly at this elevation, so be prepared. There is many put in points. This large and beautiful lake provides absolutely amazing views.


Utah, San Juan County

40 :43 hrs
96.3 mi
75.565186 ft

This famous section of whitewater where the Colorado River and Green River meet is known as Cataract Canyon. Beginning at Potash Road in Moab you will first enjoy a long stretch of flatwater. Once you hit the confluence of the Green, the river doubles in force where you will experience 14 miles of thrilling whitewater. Expect rocky rapids that are class 3 during low flows and class 4 with a possibility of class 5 during high flows. “Big Drops 1, 2 and 3” flip rafts often enough that the Park Service stations a powerboat below to do rescues until the flows drop to a safer level. Plan on 4 days minimum for this adventure. There is no access along the way and takeout is at Hite Marina. The river conditions change near Lake Powell dramatically throughout the year. Be sure to check conditions ahead of time. There are many side canyons for hiking.


Utah, Utah County

01 :47 hrs
4.9 mi
89.64172 ft

This section of the Provo River begins at Vivian Park where it quickly narrows and drops through a rocky stretch with fun play waves. The most difficult stretch is right after Bridal Veil Falls and is class 4 during high water. It ends with continuous class 2 and 3 waters to the bottom of the canyon.


Utah, Grand County

10 :10 hrs
24.2 mi
37.87097 ft

This section of river offers amazing desert scenery with occasional rapids that have been created by flash floods from side canyons. It is best done as a multi-day trip but there are access points along the way. The big rapid along this stretch is Castle Creek. It is best run down the big waves in the center left. Camping is permitted in designated spots only.


Utah, Utah County

01 :32 hrs
6.4 mi
351.0708 ft

Located up American Fork Canyon, this river is for experts only. It is best run during medium levels (between 250-450 cfs). It is fast, steep and narrow with lots of rocks and logs. There is a hydro-electric plant just below Timpanogas Cave that should be portaged on the left. The canyon road follows closely and provides many access points.


Utah, Wasatch County

01 :45 hrs
4.3 mi
27.460205 ft

This is a classic and popular run on the Provo River. Put in access is located just below Deer Creek down a dirt road off of Provo Canyon Road. The fishing is popular and some people even float this section on an inner-tube. Watch out for a bridge with pillars going into the water right below the put-in. Boats have smashed into these and it can be dangerous. There is one more hazard where the railroad tracks cross the river. It sneaks up on you and is best run on the right even though the current pulls you to the left. Take out at Vivian Park.


Utah, Emery

01 :46 hrs
5.9 mi
225.83716 ft

The Left Fork of Huntington Creek offers some spectacular whitewater and scenery. Begin at Miller Flat Reservoir. You will have to carry your boat a short distance. This is a steep mountain stream with some very challenging whitewater. During high water this is Class 3-4; expect waterfalls, sloping ledges, blind turns and usually logs. You should scout this out before running as downed trees could cause dangerous conditions. During lower flows the river is much more mild and rated more like Class 2-3.


Utah, Salt Lake City

04 :01 hrs
9.5 mi
4.329468 ft

This is the last leg on the Jordan River Run. It is a flat water paddle and ends in the Salt Lake. It goes though Salt Lake City. There is one portage make sure that you take you boat out.


Utah, Cache County

03 :56 hrs
11.1 mi
234.30298 ft

The Logan River is a beautiful mountain stream that flows quickly down the steep canyon through scenic country. Beginning at Ricks Spring the river offers constant class 2 and 3 waters with a few eddies. The river is narrow and brushy so watch for overhanging bushes. The most challenging rapid is known as the “Slippery Slide”. A large boulder sits in the middle of the river and is followed by a short steep drop. There is a good surf wave near Preston Valley Campground, but also a diversion dam that is usually runnable during the right water levels. There are many takeout options with US 89 paralleling closely.


Utah, Emery County

17 :02 hrs
42.1 mi
260.29175 ft

This section of the San Rafael River offers spectacular whitewater. The first 10 miles is smooth flat water. The canyon narrows and then you are fully committed. Rapids begin mild and slowly change into short steep drops. There is a 10 ft. drop that must be portaged on the right. The canyon narrows even more and you should scout everything when possible. Plan on a few days for this trip. Water above 1000 cfs is dangerous and should not be attempted.

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