Best ATV in Utah

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Utah, Utah County

01 :12 hrs
6 mi
643.0691 ft

The trail to Forest Lake is a popular off-road trail up American Fork Canyon. There is a large parking lot at Tibble Fork Reservoir to park trailers for those that are driving UTVs and ATVs. The actual trailhead begins about 3.3 miles past Tibble Fork Reservoir along the bumpy and dusty mineral basin road. There is a river crossing right at the beginning of the trailhead that can be pretty deep in the spring. The first mile of the trail is very rough with large boulders to maneuver around and very deep ruts. The rest of the trails is rocky but nothing too extreme. The scenery and lake is awesome and there is good chance of seeing wildlife at the lake and around the area.


Utah, Piute County

07 :15 hrs
65.1 mi
1765.0941 ft

Starting from the town of Marysvale, this loop ride travels along the popular Paiute ATV trails to the summit of Monroe Peak which stands at an elevation of over 11,000 feet. Riders can also take a short trip to the high-mountain Barney Lake. The loop is 65 miles round trip and follows trails #01. #02, #78, and #24 to complete one long loop. All of the trails on this route (except the short trail to Barney Lake) are open to vehicles of all widths and are beginner-to-intermediate in difficulty.


Utah, Washington County

01 :57 hrs
20.3 mi
443.67297 ft

Warner Valley is an open riding area that has a network of trails for dirt bikes and ATVs. Several options are available for riding so give yourself some time to explore the trails. Most of the trails follow dry sandy washes that interconnect with one another. Perfect getaway during the winter months.


Utah, Sevier County

03 :60 hrs
38.5 mi
697.5691 ft

Paiute Side Trail #89 is a scenic two-track trail that takes off from the main trail west of Koosharem and winds its way through aspens and pines in Fishlake National Forest. The ride features some sections of steep switchbacks and climbs to a max elevation of almost 9600 feet. Side trail #87 is a nice side trip that heads east off of #89 and ends at Upper Box Creek Reservoir. On the return trip, riders can come back the way they came or continue on the main trail in either direction to complete a loop. This ride follows trails that only allow for equipment up to 50 inches wide.


Utah, Sevier County

10 :29 hrs
48.5 mi
1723.0841 ft

This day-long ride along the Paiute ATV trail covers almost 50 miles between Fremont Indian State Park to the north and the town of Circleville to the south. The entire ride takes place on the main trail and features lots of diverse scenery and landscapes. The ride starts at approximately 5800 feet elevation and climbs as high as 11,500 feet at its highest point. The trail passes through an old mining town and follows Beaver Creek for about 6 miles. It descends into the south end of the Tushar mountains before dropping into Wades Canyon and Circleville. There are some steep switchbacks and sections of rough road. The ride is rated as moderate and is best done as an overnight trip. There are no developed campgrounds on this section of trail but there are plenty of options for primitive camping along the way.


Utah, Piute County

03 :16 hrs
30.4 mi
1609.419 ft

This loop ride starts from the town of Marysvale and covers approximately 30 miles of the scenic and extensive Paiute Trail system in south-central Utah. The route starts at an elevation of approximately 5800 feet and rises high up into the Tushar Mountains to at elevation above 11,000 near Edna Peak. The ride also leads to Bullion Canyon where riders can jump off and take a short hike to Bullion Falls. This loop is a good option for beginner to intermediate riders and is open to all vehicle widths.


Utah, Kane County

00 :10 hrs
0.8 mi
11.349976 ft

Coral Pink Sand Dunes offers a free riding area with scattered juniper and pinion pine trees. It has a range of difficulty for riding so there is something for everyone. Expect crowds on weekends. The best time to visit is spring and fall but it is open year-round for riding. Safety flags are required. There is an $8 daily fee. Camping is also available.


Utah, Millard County

04 :11 hrs
39.9 mi
1459.8099 ft

This loop ride starts from the town of Fillmore and follows Chalk Creek up a narrow canyon where it then continues east above the canyon to the junction with the Paiute Trail. The ride travels along the main trail for a while until it reaches Sand Rock Ridge Road near White Pine Peak. The ride then turns to the west and continues back down towards Fillmore. The half-day ride is approximately 40 miles and reaches an elevation of 10,000+ feet at its highest point offering great views of the surrounding mountain terrain. There are sections of steep switchbacks as well as water crossings over Chalk Creek during the north leg of the loop. During the south leg of the loop, there are some steep sections on gravel with sudden turns. There are four developed campgrounds located along Chalk Creek.


Utah, Salina

11 :24 hrs
53.5 mi
1386.6459 ft

This long section of the Paiute ATV trail spans over 50 miles between the towns of Salina and Richfield in south-central Utah. The trail out of Salina follows well-maintained paved and dirt roads southwest to the town of Aurora. From Aurora, riders continue along the main trail up to White Pine Peak at an elevation of 10,200 feet before starting down towards Richfield. The last section of the ride follows trail #04 which heads east off of the main trail and drops riders right into the town of Richfield. This section of the Piaute Trail is primarily beginner to intermediate in difficulty.


Utah, Sevier County

06 :10 hrs
60.6 mi
1177.481 ft

This segment of the Paiute ATV Trail covers approximately 60 miles of scenic landscape between the towns of Koosharem and Circleville in south-central Utah. The ride starts from approximately 7000 feet elevation in Koosharem and travels through Fishlake National Forest up to elevations of around 10,000 feet before dropping back down into Circleville. The roads and trails along this section are beginner to intermediate difficulty and consist of a few steep sections. There are multiple side roads and trails along the route that can be used to explore more of the area. There are no designated campgrounds along this section but primitive camping is available.

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