Best Rafting in Nebraska

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Nebraska, Cherry County

13 :05 hrs
31.4 mi
76.79431 ft

Split into an overnight adventure, the Niobrara River is considered one, if not the most extreme river in the state. It is not very deep throughout, but flows quite fast. There are three marked portages: the first being a campground at Smith Falls (the largest waterfall in the state), and the remaining two mainly for canoes to get around dangerous rapids. The first day of paddling is fairly calm and allows for scenic views of springs and waterfalls along the river's edge. The second day is more challenging; involving larger rapids and obstacles to maneuver. It's highly recommended to study the course ahead of time to make note of all hazards. One hazard in particular is about six miles downstream from Smith Falls; go left around Fritz Island to avoid risk of capsizing over a rock ledge on the right. Finally, be sure to exit the river at least 100 yards before the final bridge, as just in front lies a large hole and dangerous rapids. Note that the launch site charges a daily access fee.