Best Trail Running in Michigan

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Michigan, Otsego County

00 :53 hrs
2.7 mi
22.27002 ft

Trail for hike, run, ski on rolling hills from Shaggy Bark Court to abandoned ski hills in Michewaye.


Michigan, Benzie County

01 :05 hrs
3.1 mi
19.479767 ft

Traveling past multiple small lakes and the Platte River, this scenic loop hike travels through the diverse and scenic landscape of Pere Marquette State Forest. The trail does have some elevation change as it travels along some higher bluffs and ridges and down to lower areas of small lakes and wetlands. There are a few other connecting trails in the area that can be used to customize a shorter trip or explore other parts of the area.


Illinois, Lake County

04 :49 hrs
9 mi
11.093002 ft

This section of the Des Plaines River Trail travels along the northern section of the trail between the Russell Road parking area just south of the Wisconsin/Illinois border to the Kilbourne Road parking area south of Highway 41. The trail follows the path of the Des Plaines River past multiple lakes and ponds, forest preserves, wetland areas, and natural areas that are home to abundant scenery, wildlife, and plantlife. The trail follows mostly flat terrain that is easy to follow making it a good option for riders of all skill levels. The trail is crushed limestone and dirt surface and is multi-use so watch out for other users along the route. The trail can be done as an out-and-back route or one-way route by shuttling vehicles between the many access areas along the trail.


Illinois, Geneva

01 :01 hrs
10.2 mi
12.263763 ft

This section of the Fox River Bike Trail is a popular route that explores both sides of the Fox River as it travels through multiple forest preserves, parks, and residential neighborhoods. The ride provides lots of good resting spots at historical sites, nature centers, parks, and other points of interest located along the bike trail. The trail is mostly all paved surface, well-marked, and flat making it a great option for riders of all skill levels. The trail continues on for many more miles to the north for riders looking to add some more mileage.


Michigan, Greenville

02 :36 hrs
13 mi
23.258347 ft

This section of the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail starts at the western end in the city of Greenfield and travels through rural farmlands, open green space, and wooded terrain to the city of Stanton. This section of trail is one of the most popular but is still very peaceful and remote. The trail continues on for many more miles past Stanton providing riders with the option of adding mileage to their ride. The ride has minimal elevation change and is paved making it a good option for riders of all skill levels.


Michigan, White Lake Township

02 :30 hrs
9.6 mi
44.14972 ft

This long loop trail is located in the Pontiac Lake Recreation Area and travels through the wooded terrain located just north of Pontiac Lake. The narrow singletrack trail passes over rolling terrain with some nice hilltop views, passing multiple small lakes and ponds along the way. The trail has lots of moderate climbs and descents making for a fast and exciting ride. The trail is also rugged in spots and requires some technical riding skills making it a good option for intermediate to advanced riders.


Michigan, Village of Saint Charles

01 :54 hrs
9.5 mi
3.2782898 ft

The Saginaw Valley Rail Trail corridor travels through the rural farmlands and woodland terrain of Saginaw County, providing riders with lots of shade and excellent scenery all along the way. The trail also offers some good opportunity for viewing wildlife. The trail is all paved, almost entirely flat, and offers some nice resting spots along the way making it a good option for beginner riders.


Michigan, Houghton Township

02 :02 hrs
6.1 mi
9.858688 ft

Located in Isle Royale National Park, this loop hike follows the shoreline of a narrow finger of land that juts out from an island located on Lake Superior. The hike is almost entirely along forested shoreline of rocky cliffs that provide good views of Lake Superior and the nearby islands. The trail also leads to a trail junction that marks a short path up to a small cave. Hiking in Isle Royale National Park provides excellent opportunity for viewing wildlife including Moose which are known to inhabit the island. The trail does travel along exposed cliffs and rocky terrain so good footwear is advised. The island is accessible by ferry so be sure to know the schedules before setting out. There are multiple trails within the national park that can be combined to customize a longer day hike or an overnight trip on the island. Due to difficult accessibility during the winter, the national park closes completely during the winter months.


Illinois, Oak Brook

01 :09 hrs
3.4 mi
4.1155396 ft

Located just 20 miles from downtown Chicago, this scenic hike leads through wooded terrain that follows the Salt Creek through Fullersburg County Forest Preserve. The area offers a natural setting in an busy suburban area with lots of opportunity for birdwatching and viewing wildlife. The crushed gravel trail leads to multiple islands, a historic watermill, and nature education center that provides information and displays about the history and wildlife of the preserve. There are fees to tour the mill and set operating hours for the mill and visitor center depending on the day and time of year.


Michigan, Chippewa County

03 :06 hrs
4.3 mi
44.34842 ft

This trail located in Tahquamenon Falls State Park follows the river between the lower falls and upper falls providing some excellent views of the canyon below along the way. The trail can be hiked as either an out-and-back trip or a one-way trip by shuttling vehicles between parking lots. The hike leads through a heavily forested area that provides lots of shade, solitude, and opportunity for spotting wildlife. The trail has some ups and downs but no major climbs that are too challenging.

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