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Michigan, Cheboygan County

01 :12 hrs
6.1 mi
45.08 ft

The Red Bridge Route is located just southwest of Black Lake in the Black Lake State Forest and offers 6 miles of fun and scenic wooded trail that connects to the Red Bridge Trail. The route is open to ORVs of all sizes but connects to parts of the Red Bridge Trail which is open to ORVs 50 inches or less. The area requires an ORV sticker and trail permit for riding.


Michigan, Kalkaska County

09 :17 hrs
47 mi
104.371 ft

This ride follows over 45 miles of the Kalkaska Route through scenic state forest land on Michigan's lower peninsula. The route consists of mostly sandy trail that is wide enough to accommodate ORVs up to 72 inches wide. The terrain is rolling hills but no major climbs or descents. There are multiple connecting routes and trails that can be used to explore more of the terrain. A Michigan ORV sticker and trail permit are required for riding in the area.


Michigan, Genesee County

00 :06 hrs
0.9 mi
7.328003 ft

Mounds is a privately owned ORV park located in the woods just north of Genesee and they offer an abundance of trails, play areas, and obstacles for ORVs of all sizes. The park fees start at $10 for residents and has higher rates for non-residents. The park requires a Michigan ORV license which can be purchased there if needed. There are additional rules and protocols required for riding at The Mounds so be sure to check their website or call ahead for additional information.


Michigan, Manistee County

00 :10 hrs
1.8 mi
14.042007 ft

Twisted Trails is a private 400-acre off-roading park located in Copemish that offers a huge variety of fun trails and obstacles for all types of ORVs including 4x4s, UTVs, ATVS, and motorcycles. The park features mud bogs, rock crawling obstacles, sand drag racing, trail rides and much more. The park charges admission fees that vary depending on age. They also host a variety of special events that may have different admission rates. There is also a campground located at the off-road park. Contact the park directly for operating hours and current admission prices.


Michigan, Hillsdale County

00 :23 hrs
4 mi
45.69699 ft

Bundy Hill is a popular off-roading park located in the rural outskirts of Jerome in southern Michigan. The park offers all a variety of trails and obstacles and offers something for drivers of all skill levels. The park is open to 4x4s, ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, and buggies. The park charges a daily admission fee for drivers and riders that will vary depending on age. There are also 2-day passes available. The park also features a campground for overnight stays. Be sure to contact the park before visiting for current hours, requirements, and rules.


Michigan, Roscommon County

03 :30 hrs
35.8 mi
117.39697 ft

The St. Helen ORV Route is a 42-mile trail that starts in St. Helen and travels south through scenic and rugged state forest terrain of Michigan's Lower Peninsula. The ORV route is open to ORVs of all sizes (72 inches) and provides access to the St. Helen Motorsport Area as well as additional trails including the St. Helen trail which is open to ATVs up to 50 inches in width. The route has lots of ups and downs and travels through heavily wooded terrain with possible ruts and whooped out areas possible. Machines using the trail are required to have a Michigan ORV license and trail permit unless licensed through the Secretary of State.


Michigan, Oscoda County

02 :02 hrs
10.4 mi
34.14502 ft

The Mio Route is located in the north central portion of Michigan's lower peninsula and offers over 10 miles of ORV trail through state forest land that can accommodate ORVs of all sizes. The trail has a moderate amount of elevation change. The route also connects to the Mio trail, Mio to Meadows Route, and The Hunt Creek Motorcycle trail providing riders with additional riding opportunities. The trails and routes are all 2-way traffic. An ORV license and trail permit are required for riding unless the unit is already licensed by the Secretary of State.


Michigan, Iosco County

01 :20 hrs
13.4 mi
40.373993 ft

This 13-mile ride follows a portion of the Old State House Route through Huron National Forest, just north of Foote Dam Pond. The dirt route offers a fun and scenic ride for ORVs of all sizes. The route also offers additional miles for riding to the north and connects to the Old State House Trail which is open to ORVs 50 inches or less in width. The trail requires a Michigan ORV license and trail permit unless the vehicle is already registered through the Secretary of State.


Michigan, Crystal Falls

04 :49 hrs
48.6 mi
89.948 ft

The Stateline Route is located just north of the Michigan/Wisconsin border and offers a fun and scenic trip through rural countryside and quiet woods of Michigan's upper peninsula. The route is approximately 55 miles long and has very little change in elevation. The route is open to ORVs of all sizes and requires a Michigan license and trail permit for riding if not already licensed through the Secretary of State. The route also connects to the Iron River Marensico Route which offers an additional 68 miles for riding.


Michigan, Gogebic County

13 :03 hrs
65.5 mi
70.084015 ft

This 65-mile ride follows the Iron River-Marenisco Route through scenic and rugged Ottawa National Forest on Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The route has some minimal change in elevation along the way with no major obstacles or hazards. The route is open to ORVs of all sizes (maintained at a minimum of 72 inches in width). A Michigan OHV license and trail permit are required for riding. The route connects to other trails and routes along the way that provide riders with lots of other riding options.

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