Best Road Biking in Michigan

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Illinois, Geneva

01 :01 hrs
10.2 mi
12.263763 ft

This section of the Fox River Bike Trail is a popular route that explores both sides of the Fox River as it travels through multiple forest preserves, parks, and residential neighborhoods. The ride provides lots of good resting spots at historical sites, nature centers, parks, and other points of interest located along the bike trail. The trail is mostly all paved surface, well-marked, and flat making it a great option for riders of all skill levels. The trail continues on for many more miles to the north for riders looking to add some more mileage.


Michigan, Westland

02 :07 hrs
10.7 mi
50.746765 ft

Edwards Hines Drive follows the scenic and historic Middle Rouge River through the suburbs of Detroit, providing lots of diverse scenery along the way. This popular ride starts from the Nankin Mills Interpretive Center and runs northwest up to the Township of Northville. The route passes through multiple parks and green spaces along the river as well as some historic and charming towns and villages that provide nice resting spots and food stops. The terrain is mostly flat and the shoulder is wide enough for cyclists but traffic can get busy so use caution. Edward Hines Drive starts 6 miles east of Nankin Mills Interpretive Center, providing riders with the option of lengthening the trip substantially if desired.


Michigan, Greenville

02 :36 hrs
13 mi
23.258347 ft

This section of the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail starts at the western end in the city of Greenfield and travels through rural farmlands, open green space, and wooded terrain to the city of Stanton. This section of trail is one of the most popular but is still very peaceful and remote. The trail continues on for many more miles past Stanton providing riders with the option of adding mileage to their ride. The ride has minimal elevation change and is paved making it a good option for riders of all skill levels.


Wisconsin, Baraboo

05 :55 hrs
59.6 mi
124.701065 ft

This tour visits an area with many geological quartzite remnants that date back to prehistoric times and offers many scenic challenges. You will follow the river to the west and then coast down to a town that is home to the Mid-Continental Railway Museum. Next, ride below the ridge and travel along the southern cliffs of Devil’s Lake State Park and then cruise down to the Wisconsin River and enjoy free passage across it by ferry. Across the river, take a tour around Gibraltar Rock and then cross the river again. The end of the challenge will demand your energy as you climb up the ridge, passing a Scottish estate before a rolling descent back to the start. For a 26-mile ride, turn left off of Sky High Road onto State Highway 123, turn right onto County Road DI, and then left onto State Highway 113.


Wisconsin, Door County

08 :01 hrs
80.5 mi
51.505463 ft

This ride tours an area that is known by visitors as “Wisconsin’s Cape Cod.” You will explore hundreds of coves offering culinary delights, state parks, and lighthouses. As you follow along the Green Bay shoreline, you will visit several quaint, historic towns, visit Peninsula State Park, and roll through the vast countryside and farmland. The terrain is rolling with several climbs. For a 25-mile ride, turn right off County Road B onto Carlsville Road then turn right, heading south on Mathey Road just past Carlsville.


Michigan, Village of Saint Charles

01 :54 hrs
9.5 mi
3.2782898 ft

The Saginaw Valley Rail Trail corridor travels through the rural farmlands and woodland terrain of Saginaw County, providing riders with lots of shade and excellent scenery all along the way. The trail also offers some good opportunity for viewing wildlife. The trail is all paved, almost entirely flat, and offers some nice resting spots along the way making it a good option for beginner riders.


Michigan, Muskegon

02 :44 hrs
27.4 mi
29.94133 ft

The starting and ending point for this ride is Muskegon State Park located on the shores of Lake Michigan. The ride follows the shoreline north up past Duck Lake and back south through rural farmlands and wooded terrain. The scenery along the way includes lots of water views of Lake Michigan, Muskegon Lake, and Duck Lake. The ride is fairly flat with the exception of Blockhouse Hill coming in and out of Muskegon State Park. The traffic is not too busy in the area and there are lots of shaded areas making it a scenic and peaceful route for intermediate riders.


Michigan, Emmet County

05 :09 hrs
26.2 mi
81.77002 ft

This popular destination located out of Harbor consists of a narrow tree-lined road that runs along a wooded bluff over the shores of Lake Michigan, providing some great water views along the way. Starting from Petowsky State Park the ride leads north and follows the shoreline north all the way to Cross Village. The ride has some sections of rolling hills that provide some challenge. The road is narrow and popular with motorists so caution and a rearview mirror are advised. Good Hart is also a good turnaround point for a shorter ride.


Michigan, Houghton County

06 :05 hrs
61.5 mi
184.62585 ft

This scenic bike ride explores the Keweenaw Peninsula on the tip of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, providing lots of nice views of Lake Superior shoreline. The are area is very remote and unpopulated making for a relaxing ride. There are a few sections along Hwy 41 where there is some traffic and the shoulders are narrow, requiring some caution. The route travels over mild rolling hill terrain providing some challenge. There are some nice resting spots and points of interest along the way including Eagle Harbor Lighthouse and Jacob Creek Falls.


Michigan, Chelsea

02 :32 hrs
25.5 mi
33.260986 ft

This ride around Chelsea and its surrounding areas provides a wide array of scenery including the charming and hip town of Chelsea, industrial developments, open green spaces, and multiple lakes. The ride consists of many miles through the rolling terrain of the Waterloo State Recreation Area which is known for its great scenery and abundant hiking trails. The roadways are narrow and winding in this area with very little shoulder room, and there is some traffic. Cycling is popular in the area so most local motorists are use to sharing the road; still cautious riding is advised.

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