Best Canoeing in Michigan

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Michigan, Antrim County

03 :57 hrs
8.9 mi
21.323624 ft

This short paddling trip follows the "Wild and Scenic" Jordan River through Jordan Valley providing lots of natural scenery and wildlife viewing opportunity along the way. The river runs through mostly wooded terrain with just a few residential structures visible. The river has a swift flow with some deep holes and lots of log jams and low-hanging trees that provide some challenge and require careful navigation. The take-out at Roger Road is very accessible and has lots of parking.


Illinois, Chicago

03 :29 hrs
3.9 mi
1.8378448 ft

Paddlers will enjoy lots of nature and green space right in the middle of a busy suburban area while paddling along the Northshore Channel of the Chicago River. The channel is tree-lined with parks on both sides along much of the route providing lots of nice scenery and opportunity for wildlife viewing and birdwatching. There is a good access site in Skokie for parking and launching onto the channel. The water is very mild and can be traveled in both directions so shuttling of vehicles is not necessary to travel down the channel.


Wisconsin, Green Lake County

02 :18 hrs
5.1 mi
0.6990967 ft

Green Lake is a 7920 acre lake located in Green Lake County. It has a maximum depth of 236 feet and there is a great population of a variety of fish, especially Smallmouth Bass, Trout, and Catfish. Visitors have access to the lake from several public boat landings, public beaches and public parks. The scenery is spectacular and this is a great destination to enjoy and explore beautiful forest and marshes.


Wisconsin, Vilas County

01 :30 hrs
3.3 mi
4.4668884 ft

Day Lake is a 110 acre lake located in Vilas County in the Northern Highland State Forest. It has a maximum depth of 57 feet and a good population of Panfish and Smallmouth Bass. Visitors have access to the lake from a public boat landing at the north end of the lake. The lake's water clarity is very clear and pretty. The surrounding forest provides a quiet and serene feeling on the lake. There are not many visitors and there are several small coves to explore.


Wisconsin, Winnebago County

03 :02 hrs
3.4 mi
1.9997559 ft

Lake Winnebago is a 131,939 acre lake located in Winnebago County. It has a maximum depth of 21 feet and has large populations of a wide variety of fish. Visitors have access to the lake from many public boat landings and parks. This route follows the shoreline form Nagy Park Landing to the Willows Resort and contains scenery that includes, vast farm fields, forest, some development of homes, Long Point Island, and beautiful marshlands.


Wisconsin, Vilas County

04 :09 hrs
9.2 mi
3.1997986 ft

Star Lake is a 1219 acre lake located in Vilas County. It has a maximum depth of 68 feet and common fish are Musky, Panfish, and Walleye as well as smaller populations of other fish. Visitors have access to the lake from two public boat landings at the campgrounds on the east and west sides of the lake. This is a very popular lake with many gorgeous homes on the shorelines. Beautiful forested hills surround the lake and many trails traverse the area. There are many great views and the water is crystal clear and very pretty.


Michigan, Benzie County

01 :46 hrs
4 mi
2.7727966 ft

This short section of Platte River is popular for paddlers of all skill levels setting out for a slow and relaxing float that leads to the shores of Lake Michigan. The river passes through Loon Lake as well as Sleeping Bear Dunes. Paddlers can enjoy sandy beaches, fun swimming, and Lake Michigan water views at the end of the trip. Expect to see a lot more people when paddling this stretch of river.


Wisconsin, Sauk County

01 :33 hrs
3.5 mi
3.8762817 ft

Devils Lake is a 374 acre lake located in Sauk County in Devils Lake State Park. It has a maximum depth of 47 feet and common fish include Panfish, Largemouth Bass, and Northern Pike. Visitors have access to the lake from two public boat landings and two public beaches. The scenery from the lake is absolutely stunning. There are 500-foot bluffs that rise dramatically on the east and west sides of the lake. The surrounding area is forested and very beautiful and has thick, lush foliage.


Wisconsin, Iron County

08 :49 hrs
19.6 mi
2.1207886 ft

Turtle Flambeau Flowage is a 12,942 acre lake located in Iron County. It has a maximum depth of 50 feet and it hosts large populations of a wide variety of fish. Visitors have access to the lake from five public boat landings. It is filled with countless islands and coves. The shoreline is long and contains large portions that are undeveloped. The scenery and views are untainted and gorgeous and there are numerous places to explore and find solitude. There are many beautiful areas around the shores for family games or picnics.


Wisconsin, Jefferson County

02 :30 hrs
5.6 mi
0.05467224 ft

Rock Lake is a 1365 acre lake located in Jefferson County adjacent to the Lake Mills Wildlife Area and the Bean Lake State Natural Area. It has a maximum depth of 60 feet and contains large populations of a variety of fish. Visitors have access to the lake from four public boat landings. The northern shore contains sandy beaches where swimming is available and boating is popular and the southern shore contains emergent aquatic vegetation. Rock Lake is famous for its underwater pyramids which are believed to have been built by Aztalan natives long ago. The views and scenery are very beautiful.

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