Best Road Biking in Indiana

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Indiana, Fulton County

02 :35 hrs
25.7 mi
45.724686 ft

You will ride through wetlands, woodlands, and a large variety of plant and animal life. Being a rail trail, there are some parts of it that are paved, gravel and there is a slight, almost unnoticeable grade. The trail is long enough that regardless of how many times you’ve ridden it, you will always see something new.


Illinois, Joliet

04 :03 hrs
20.4 mi
59.009827 ft

This paved multi-use trail starts from the town of Joliet and connects to multiple towns, parks, and forest preserves to its end at the town of Park Forest. Riding the trail provides lots of opportunity to ride along scenic open space that provides solitude and the chance for viewing abundant wildlife and plantlife. There are multiple access points as well as connections to other trail systems in the area that allow for customizing a trip of shorter or longer distances. The trail is paved and is mostly used for biking but hikers and joggers also use the trail so watch out for others along the way. The trail is mostly flat and easy to follow making it a great option for bikers of all skill levels.


Illinois, Vermilion County

02 :26 hrs
24.4 mi
48.114395 ft

Riding this loop route provides excellent scenery in and around Kickapoo State Park and Middle Fork State Fish and Wildlife Area as it travels by multiple lakes and through peaceful rural farmland. The recreation area used to be a strip-mining operation but has since been restored and now provides excellent recreational opportunities. The terrain is gently rolling woodland hills with just a few challenging hills. There are also some sections of busier roads that require a little more caution. The starting and ending point for the ride is at Kickapoo State Park which also offers nice picnic areas, camping, and hiking trails.


Indiana, Bartholomew County

05 :28 hrs
55.4 mi
115.6172 ft

A very remote ride, long and with a variety of views. You will enjoy riding by wooded areas, farm fields, neighborhood and a lake. Paved throughout, mostly flat and no restroom facilities. Bring plenty of water.


Illinois, Cook County

00 :58 hrs
9.7 mi
22.533768 ft

This northern section of the Tinley Creek Trail System is a paved loop that leads through open prairies, dense forests, and wetland areas with small lakes and ponds along the way. There are multiple picnic areas and access points along the route perfect for stopping and taking a break. There is a connecting trail on the south side of the loop that connects to multiple other trails within the system. The trail is multi-use and is also popular with hikers and runners so pay attention to others on the trail.


Illinois, Willow Springs

03 :21 hrs
16.8 mi
8.943298 ft

This road biking route leads past multiple scenic forest preserves, lots of local historic sites, and lots of parks and green space along the Des Plaines River and I&M Canal. The ride follows almost completely flat terrain and is all paved and crushed stone surface and can be ridden by road bikes with wide tires, mountain bikes, or hybrids. The trip can be done as a one-way trip by shuttling vehicles or as a longer out-and-back trip. There are lots of good points along the route for stopping and resting as well as multiple side trips along trails through the multiple forest preserves and historic areas along the way. The trail also continues on for many more miles providing riders with multiple trip options.


Illinois, Will County

04 :31 hrs
45.2 mi
18.27063 ft

Setting off just 40 miles south of Chicago from the Goodenow Grove Forest Preserve, this scenic route explores landscape along the Illinois/Indiana border including woodland and farmland terrain as well as a small lake town at Cedar Lake. There is minimal elevation gain along the route with only small rolling hills requiring very little climbing. The roads are mostly rural roads that are not busy but may not be the most well-maintained so watch out for potholes and uneven surfaces.


Kentucky, Henderson

07 :15 hrs
36.4 mi
25.44497 ft

This tour starts near Hickman in western Kentucky, along the Mississippi River. It makes its way east to the south shore of the Ohio River in northeastern Kentucky. The traffic is very low outside of Henderson and Owensboro. You will travel through open farmland as you leave Henderson. Several Amish families have settled in the area. Owensboro is one of Kentucky’s largest cities and is home to the International Bluegrass Music Museum. Barbecue is also very popular here.


Kentucky, Woodford County

04 :08 hrs
21.2 mi
84.63483 ft

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail is about 150 miles of roads connecting six distilleries. Along this tour, you will start and end at Woodford Reserve. You will also stop at Wild Turkey and Four Roses distilleries. This ride has one good climb with nice scenery and rolling hills. There is also a Six Distiller Tour with a short loop of 113 miles and a long loop of 146 miles.


Indiana, Fort Wayne

00 :35 hrs
2.9 mi
6.5252075 ft

On this ride, you have quick access to several parks. Riding by neighborhoods, a couple of climbs, paved all the way, this can be a one way or an out and back ride (out and back is how it is mapped).

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