Best Mountain Biking in Indiana

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Illinois, Vermilion County

01 :41 hrs
6.4 mi
26.524948 ft

The mountain bike trails in Kickapoo State Park provide some of the best trails and beautiful scenery Illinois has to offer. The network of trails consists of 5 loops that can be combined for a total of 6 miles of riding. This ride utilizes sections of these trails for a loop through the area but there are obviously many more trip options available. The trails provide lots of ups and downs through wooded terrain that add some fun challenge. The ride also provides some nice scenery as it travels over small creeks and passes by a lake. The trails are well-marked and contain arrows showing recommended direction of travel. Checking out the trail map of the area is advisable to get a good concept of how all the trails can connect.


Illinois, Cook County

01 :30 hrs
5.8 mi
36.69452 ft

This loop trail located in the Palos/Sag Valley Forest Preserves explores the woodland and wetland terrain of the area as it passes by multiple small ponds, lakes, and sloughs that are home to abundant wildlife and plantlife. The trail connects to and is in close proximity to many other trail systems in the surrounding preserve areas providing riders with endless riding possibilities. The trails are singletrack dirt paths that are also used by hikers and runners so be aware of other users of the trail.


Kentucky, Louisville

01 :39 hrs
6.3 mi
51.15802 ft

This is one of the most popular mountain bike trails in the area. This hilly terrain in Waverly Park has 300 acres to explore. You will travel through hardwood forest. There are several loops and options to do which makes for a nice trail to come back to over and over again. The trail is often improving and thus changing the course.


Indiana, Carmel

00 :47 hrs
2.9 mi
7.3467407 ft

The ground is made of crushed limestone. Pedestrians share the trail with the cyclists. It is a connection to downtown Indianapolis through the White River Greenway. Being a long ride, there are parts of quiet woods, a one pedestrian bridge and goes by the grounds and garden of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Amazing views throughout as you ride the quiet waters of the canal. You may choose from sight seeing and making a day of your ride or hammer it and have a great workout.


Indiana, Columbia City

00 :57 hrs
3.6 mi
11.946579 ft

You will go through a couple of climbs and a few downhill stretches. Count on lots of curves and watch out for a few hikers. The trail is not very populated by hikers or bikers.


Indiana, Warrick County

01 :00 hrs
3.8 mi
11.914688 ft

The topography of this trail is rich in variety. Also, it is good to know that everything is allowed here. From mountain Bikes, dirt bikes, 4-wheelers to “home built” and, horses, you will find a little of everything. This is definitely not for a beginner rider. With all the obstacles, your skills will be sharpening fast. Trials riders will enjoy this ride.


Indiana, Ogden Dunes

02 :11 hrs
4.1 mi
13.189713 ft

Plan on riding on sand, with little variation on elevation, and enjoy the breath taking views. You can make it a one-way ride or you can make it out and back, your choice. This trail is shared with hikers during the warm weather and with snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the winter months.


Indiana, Wells County

00 :44 hrs
2.7 mi
4.4592285 ft

The park has something for everyone. Fishing, hiking, biking on paved trails, swimming and sports courts. The ride on this trail is flat and through a forest of hardwoods. The park’s entry fee is higher for out of state vehicles.


Indiana, Warrick County

00 :59 hrs
3.7 mi
18.383377 ft

This is a system of trails. Be watchful to make sure you stay on the course you started. Be aware that ATVs still heavily use this trail. Going through woods and fields, and ending on paved road on the way back to the Recreation Center. Mountain biking is free; there are fees for swimming and to use the showers.


Indiana, Boone County

06 :13 hrs
11.6 mi
34.602158 ft

This rail-trail ride will take you by fields, through hardwoods, over an iron bridge and neighborhoods. There are paths on the side for equestrians throughout the trail. No restrooms or drinking water along the way.

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