Best Kayaking in Indiana

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Indiana, LaPorte County

01 :05 hrs
1.3 mi
5.291031 ft

Begin at Mill Pond and head north into a creek. Shallow waters and a dam might prevent deeper boats.


Indiana, Warsaw

07 :24 hrs
17.5 mi
9.018509 ft

Through this part of the river, you will find swamps and wetlands. Watch out for low hanging branches, on its banks you will see maples, pine, oak, willow and sycamore trees. Because of the thick vegetation, it is hard to stay on the main part of the flow. Fishermen come to the Tippecanoe river for bass, pike and panfish.


Indiana, Huntington County

03 :21 hrs
7.9 mi
7.2203827 ft

A very narrow river and best in spring when the water level is at its highest, you will find hidden boulders, snags and low water. Pass the dam by the Lake, paddling it in the fall is beautiful; you may have to go upstream in low current to take out, but worth it.


Indiana, LaGrange County

04 :19 hrs
10.3 mi
14.712555 ft

With mixed vegetation from the banks being lined with white oak, hickory, elm and willow trees to stretches of marsh vegetation, this is a scenic adventure. Fishermen find catfish, pike and smallmouth bass to be the catch of the day. At the Greenfield Mills, where you put in, the canoe must be carried 100 feet from the car, be careful on the steep banks.


Illinois, Iroquois

06 :50 hrs
16.1 mi
5.788025 ft

Iroquois River runs from Indiana to Illinois. You will go through a lot of farming land and beautiful hardwood forest. A few islands along the way, may find some logjams, slow current and wind may be challenging at times. Due to the obstacles along the way, you may have to portage in a few spots.


Indiana, Mishawaka

02 :18 hrs
5.5 mi
5.906418 ft

On this stretch of St. Joseph’s River you will have one portage to the right. That will be the entrance to the East Race Waterway. Here you will find kayaking, rafting and inner tubing. You will also go under a bridge. The river banks are part of the city.


Indiana, Fort Wayne

01 :31 hrs
3.5 mi
2.5414886 ft

A long river that goes from Indiana to Ohio, wind may make your paddling experience a bit challenging. With a few islands along the way to paddle around and some shallow spots; if you choose to go into Ohio, be prepared for portage around the power dams.


Indiana, Randolph County

09 :07 hrs
21.4 mi
- ft

Watch out for shallow areas, they will have a rocky bottom. It may require some wading in certain parts of the river. There are five portages because of dams. The banks of the river will have cottonwood, river birch, sycamore, oaks and maples. You may see some wildlife. It ranges from birds to deer, muskrat and fox. Fishing is different in each stretch of the river; here you may find largemouth and smallmouth bass, catfish crappie and perch.


Indiana, Wabash County

03 :60 hrs
9.5 mi
27.669815 ft

This part of the river goes through the Salamonie State Forest. The water changes color here because of the spring flowering bloodroot that is found along the riverbanks. The tree colors are beautiful in the fall. A very narrow river with low water levels; best to be paddled in the Spring.


Indiana, Muncie

06 :56 hrs
16.5 mi
25.4151 ft

When the water is low, you might have to pull your canoe in certain points. Shortly after Muncie, the river gets deeper and makes canoeing easier. In low water, you will have to portage at the dam of the sewage disposal plant. The banks of the river are lined with cottonwood, river birch, sycamore, oaks and maples. There is plenty of Birdwatching and wildlife to be observed along the way. Fishing is good and the catch of the day is largemouth and smallmouth bass, catfish, perch and crappie.

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