Best Crosscountry Skiing in Indiana

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Illinois, Cook County

01 :01 hrs
2.4 mi
13.501358 ft

Camp Sagawau is known for its excellent Nordic ski program that is offered during the winter which includes miles of groomed cross-country ski trails, ski lessons, and equipment rental. A trail pass must be obtained to ski the trails but there is no fee for the pass. There are charges for lessons and ski equipment rental. There are multiple trails within Camp Sagawau that can be used to customize trips of varying distance and difficulty. The terrain is mostly forested area with some small hills.


Indiana, Merrillville

06 :03 hrs
7.3 mi
23.006271 ft

This trail is paved and mostly flat. It has a tunnel that goes under US Route 30. You can make this a one way ride or, you can turn around and go back to the point of entry.


Indiana, Lake County

01 :02 hrs
2.5 mi
7.400116 ft

Enjoy the beautiful views of the woods in the winter during your skiing. You may rent equipment from the park, first come first serve. Dogs and horses are prohibited during skiing season.


Indiana, Portage

01 :58 hrs
2.4 mi
6.566742 ft

Going through woods, suburbs and a greenway corridor definitely have a rural feel to it. Through this trail you can get to the Imagination Glen Park and Woodland Park. Bicycles are prohibited.


Indiana, Madison

02 :04 hrs
4 mi
114.00699 ft

You will find yourself going up and downhill, on an abandoned railroad track, through woods and enjoying beautiful views. Going under Madison Road through a tunnel and getting to the river, will test your cross country skiing skills.


Indiana, Porter County

01 :16 hrs
2.9 mi
14.588074 ft

Although a water park during the summer, this is a great place in the winter also. Tractor drawn hayrides during September and October, equestrian rides on your own horse and sand volleyball during summer to mention a few of the things you can do. For cross-country skiing, you must bring your own equipment, no rentals available. The trail will take you through the woods, with beautiful winter views.


Indiana, Lake County

03 :30 hrs
8.8 mi
1.0904388 ft

Be prepared to share the trail with equestrians, hikers and hunters. You may see a large heard of deer, ducks and other wildlife. Going through densely wooded areas you may also enjoy the winter views of the forest. During hunting season, avoid white clothing and wear bright orange (beginning of October through beginning of January). You will cross bridges on this part of the park.


Indiana, Portage

01 :57 hrs
2.4 mi
5.897156 ft

Birdwatching, biking, hiking and in line skating, share this trail with the Cross-country skiers. Starting at the Roseland Town Park, it goes through a suburban neighborhood and there are plans to extend it farther.


Indiana, Monroe County

02 :46 hrs
3.3 mi
21.03926 ft

A wooded corridor through a suburban neighborhood. Not much challenge, being mostly flat with gravel.


Indiana, Kokomo

00 :38 hrs
1.5 mi
3.2541199 ft

Most of the path is paved, making it free of obstacles and flat. Almost to the end, you have the option of taking a couple of loops through the woods, where you will encounter a little bit of climbing and enjoy the winter views of the forest.

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