Best Trail Running in Idaho

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Idaho, Adams County

04 :17 hrs
5.4 mi
456.6183 ft

Goose Creek Falls is a great singletrack run that starts at the back of Last Chance Campground near New Meadows. Parking is limited, so you may need to park at the entrance. The run leads through a heavily forested canyon alongside Goose Creek. Watch out for loose rocks and muddy areas around the bridges. The noise of the waterfall will give a good indication that you are getting close. The trail ends at Goose Creek Road, so there is an option to plan a shuttle for a shorter run.


Idaho, Boise County

06 :45 hrs
7.9 mi
1014.922 ft

The run starts on a steep continuous grade up Cottonwood Creek. Expect a few boggy areas and small creek crossings while tracing towards the ridgetop. The route leads through ponderosa pine trees, meadows, wildflowers, and rocky hillsides. Power runners will love this outdoor adventure, and can use it to train for a big event. If you have the time and energy, you can continue on to Thorn Butte on Bald Mountain Road. There's a campground in that area if you feel like making this an overnight trip.


Idaho, Boise City

01 :45 hrs
3 mi
11.343384 ft

This is a really great section of the Greenbelt because it's usually quiet, and bikers are not allowed. Do this run as an out and back, and be sure to watch out for tree roots. Bald eagles can be sighted in the area sometimes.


Idaho, Boise

02 :06 hrs
5.7 mi
245.62451 ft

Starting at Bogus Basin Resort, the run circumnavigates the whole ski mountain. At first, the route climbs past Elk Meadows with some steep grades. Expect to lead through sage, timber, wildflowers, and chair lifts. Pack plenty of water and energy bars for this refreshing outdoor adventure.


Idaho, Blaine County

02 :46 hrs
8.1 mi
261.1869 ft

Located at the Rotarun Ski Area, the route loops near Bullion Gulch and Democrat Gulch. This is a foothill area with mostly brush and shrubs. There are a lot of twists and turns, along with ups and downs. The route offers excellent views of Hailey, Della Mountain, Gillman Butte, and Kelly Mountain. Be sure to apply sunscreen and pack plenty of water.


Idaho, Boise

00 :42 hrs
2.2 mi
68.918945 ft

Located in the lower foothills of Northwest Boise, the loops in this area are perfect for a quick run after work. The trails are all singletrack and built by volunteers of the Ridge to Rivers project. There are a few steep grades as the route traces along the ridge, and there are also great views of Boise.


Idaho, Lemhi County

07 :14 hrs
9.2 mi
446.31494 ft

This run should only be attempted by those who are trained to do power running. The run follows the continental divide in a northwesterly direction near the Montana border. The trail is a singletrack with some strenuous grades, and it gets more difficult the farther north you go. It starts out fairly easy, so there is an option to plan a shorter out and back trip. There are some amazing views from the trail, a rock garden, and plenty of wildlife. If you plan on camping, a wilderness permit can be obtained from a Forest Service facility or a registration box.


Idaho, Boise

00 :39 hrs
2 mi
55.36743 ft

The route is perfect for runners that enjoy a quick, convenient exercise. At first, you will follow the Veterans Trail on doubletrack before it fades into a singletrack, and then you'll loop back with the Big Springs Trail. The route winds along ridges that offer views of the city and surrounding foothills. Be cautious of other users on mountain bikes.


Idaho, Blaine County

01 :43 hrs
5 mi
153.94458 ft

The run is located outside of Hailey and up past Croy Willows Ranch. The route leads through shrubs and streamside vegetation, along with some areas of interesting rock formations. There is a small waterfall at Camp Creek, making it fun for the dogs to experience as well.


Idaho, Boise

01 :35 hrs
5 mi
125.90399 ft

The trail starts parallel to Mountain Cove Road at the Military Reserve Park. The route climbs gradually along Freestone Creek with eventual steep grades as it connects to other trails in the area. It's also a thrilling descent back to the trailhead. Be on the lookout for deer, coyotes, mice, fox, and hawks.

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