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Idaho, Boise County

00 :58 hrs
4.8 mi
- ft

Wash Creek is located in the Boise National Forest about 1 hour from Boise. The trail follows a hard-packed forest service road that is maintained and suitable for 2WD vehicles. There are a few trails that spur off for more exploring.


Idaho, Valley County

00 :23 hrs
2.1 mi
76.99194 ft

This trail is located in the Boise National Forest just south of the area Sagehen Reservoir. The road is mostly gravel with an obstacle at the creek that has some off-camber spots. A stock SUV with high clearance and 4 low is recommended. Watch for free-range cattle and other wildlife. Dispersed camping is available.


Idaho, Boise County

01 :25 hrs
7.7 mi
572.09106 ft

This route is a spur trail off the Little Anderson Creek trail. The surface is graded dirt and suitable for 2WD vehicles. Wet weather can make for slippery conditions and portions of the trail are narrow with steep drop-offs. It is open to ATVs, and UTVs so be cautious on blind corners. Dispersed camping is available.


Idaho, Gem County

00 :03 hrs
0.3 mi
28.649048 ft

Located in Boise national Forest, this spur is located off Sagehen Reservoir Road. The trail is a flat forest service road with a few pot holes and ruts. There are no major obstacles and can be done in stock SUVs. Dispersed camping is available.


Idaho, Boise County

00 :13 hrs
1.1 mi
- ft

Quarry Mountain Road is located on BLM land and follows a well maintained dirt road. It can be slick and muddy during wet weather but is suitable for 2WD vehicles in dry conditions. There are no major obstacles and the trail gets narrow near the end. Hunters frequent this area often. Dispersed camping is available.


Idaho, Lemhi County

00 :53 hrs
4.8 mi
536.51807 ft

Granite Mountain Road connects Ditch Creek Road to Highway 98. It follows a dirt road that is steep and climbs steadily. It is suitable for stock SUV but has some ruts and potholes. The road accesses other rides in the area.


Idaho, Fremont County

02 :44 hrs
13.6 mi
- ft

Cave Falls is located within Yellowstone National Park and it is an easy trail that travels on a gravel and dirt with an occasional pothole. There are some beautiful waterfalls and some dispersed camping available.


Idaho, Boise County

00 :04 hrs
0.4 mi
47.270996 ft

This short trail is a narrow route on hardpacked dirt and decomposed granite. It is muddy and will cause pinstriping. There are no obstacles but the trail is extremely dense and can be quite muddy. A stock SUV with high clearance is recommended.


Idaho, Valley County

01 :48 hrs
9.6 mi
465.9779 ft

This trail can be run in either direction but going north you’ll have some steep climbing. The trail surface is hard-packed dirt and there are no major obstacles. The trails can be more difficult during wet weather. About halfway you’ll come to a small lake with a meadow. This area has an abundance of wildlife, and there are some great camping spots.


Idaho, Boise County

00 :49 hrs
4.5 mi
349.43005 ft

Horn Creek is a spur off Wash Creek road in the Boise National Forest. It follows an easy forest service road that is well-maintained and suitable for 2WD vehicles. The trail is mostly a one way road and is open to other OHV so be cautious on corners.

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