Best Road Biking in Idaho

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Idaho, Boise City

02 :22 hrs
12.8 mi
904.1854 ft

The route starts at the intersection of Hill Road and Bogus Basin Road on the foothills of Boise. The ride climbs up into the Boise Mountains on a twisting road with banked turns. There is also fabulous scenery with straight down cliffs, panoramic mountain top views, and spectacular skyline views of the Boise Valley on the way back. The traffic is usually light, but be very cautious around the turns, especially on the way down. The grades are steep and strenuous, so it makes for a great training route for someone that competes in events.


Idaho, Boise City

07 :50 hrs
77.5 mi
547.41693 ft

This outing starts at the intersection of Bogus Basin Road and Hill Road in Boise. The ride starts on Hill Road and heads northwest to Beacon Light Road, then follows Highway 16 to Emmet. After that, the route follows Highway 52 to Horseshoe Bend, and then Highway 55 back to Hill Road. The Summit Ridge climb and the Hill Road Parkway flats are some of the popular segments on this ride. Amazing views of the surrounding mountains and valleys are offered during the trip.


Idaho, Challis

12 :07 hrs
57.9 mi
365.88452 ft

This bike ride travels between Challis and Stanley on State Highway 75, and the route is part of the Salmon River Scenic Byway. The ride starts in Challis and goes south on highway 93, and then connects to Highway 75 within 3 miles. The route climbs very gradually as it follows alongside the Salmon River. Expect a lot curves, numerous areas with steep grades, and a very limited shoulder width. The route one way is about 58 miles, so be sure to plan ahead if you want to shuttle back or stay overnight somewhere.


Idaho, McCammon

02 :37 hrs
12.8 mi
86.158936 ft

This outing starts off of Interstate 15 and immediately goes through McCammon. The ride heads south to Old Highway 91, and then heads east towards Highway 30 connecting with the Old Oregon Trail Road. The route leads through Jenkins Canyon to a popular tourist area called Lava Hot Springs. The recreational oasis offers an experience like no other. There's also a railroad that goes alongside the route through the canyon.


Idaho, Idaho County

08 :54 hrs
95.6 mi
719.2549 ft

This route starts at Powell near Parachute Hill Road and goes mostly downhill to Kamiah, Idaho. This is a 96 mile point to point trail, and it's a segment of the Lewis and Clark Trail that users usually pick up from the Missoula to Powell trip. There are tons of fun major attractions along the route including historic sites, restaurants, parks, taverns, scenic outlooks, and lodging.


Idaho, Canyon County

04 :08 hrs
41.1 mi
73.706665 ft

The Snake River Canyon Loop start/finish point is at ID 45 and Walters Ferry. The ride goes alongside the western side of the river to Marsing, and then the eastern side on the way back. There is usually hardly any traffic on the east side, and the route is relatively flat with short, easy climbs. The scenic route offers breathtaking views of the Magic Valley region.


Idaho, Montpelier

02 :00 hrs
9.8 mi
275.35547 ft

The route starts in Montpelier, ID on Clay Street and goes straight east onto Montpelier Canyon Road (Highway 89). The ride climbs to Geneva Summit alongside Montpelier Creek, with beautiful vistas. Be very cautious riding up and down the canyon, because the shoulder width can be as low as 12 inches. Avid bicyclists like to plan on climbing and descending the Geneva Summit, and then leave Idaho en route to Jackson, Wyoming.


Idaho, McCall

02 :32 hrs
12.3 mi
26.359009 ft

Located in McCall, Idaho, this outing starts at the intersection of Deinhard Lane and ID 55 and goes towards Ponderosa Park. Once you reach Lick Creek Road, the ride heads west along the southern shore of the lake. From there, it goes on Sylvan Beach Warren Highway and Warren Wagon Road along the western shore, and then ends on the northern shore. From there, you will need to retrace your tracks back. There is absolutely nothing better than getting a rush of fresh while riding along the shores of the Payette Lake, and the views are amazing.


Idaho, McCall

06 :02 hrs
29.1 mi
427.81653 ft

This popular route starts in McCall, Idaho at the intersection of Deinhard Lane and ID 55. The outing goes along the western shore of the Payette Lake, and then follows alongside the North Fork of the Payette River while cruising on Warren Wagon Road. Eventually, you’ll reach the Upper Payette Lake and ride on the eastern shore. From there, you have the option of making a longer trip, or you can retrace your tracks back to McCall. After a few miles past Payette Lake, the route starts to climb with grades of up to 12%. Expect amazing scenic views of the lakes, surrounding mountains, and forest.


Idaho, Sandpoint

05 :45 hrs
28.8 mi
36.130066 ft

This outing starts in Sandpoint, Idaho on Pine Street and immediately connects to Highway 2. From there, the ride heads west alongside Pend Oreille River to Newport near the state line. This is an exciting ride that goes on mostly flat terrain with a few steep grades, and the shoulder width ranges between 0 - 5 feet. This route is perfect for traveling to Washington and the Pacific Ocean, or it can be traveled as an out and back. The scenic byway offers spectacular views of the surrounding wilderness, mountains, and waterways. Be well equipped with food, water, and supplies for this amazing trip.

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