Best Mountain Biking in Idaho

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Idaho, Shoshone County

03 :07 hrs
12.5 mi
298.65723 ft

The ride starts near the border of Montana, and it's actually best to access the route from Interstate 90 at exit 5 in Montana. The route is one of the most unique and fun rail-trail adventures that Idaho has to offer. While following the historic Old Milwaukee Road, the ride passes through 8 tunnels and about 7 high trestles. The Forest Service charges a trail fee at around $5.00, and they can be purchased at the trailhead. If you can't arrange your own shuttle, call ahead (208-744-1392) for assistance. Be sure to take a light and a helmet.


Idaho, Bonner County

01 :16 hrs
4.8 mi
87.63965 ft

This is a short but technical scenic tour at Lake Pend Oreille that has a lot of up and down on a smooth frequently-traveled singletrack trail. There are gorgeous views of the surrounding bays and mountains at the open areas of the trail. At Mineral Point, there is a rock monument dedicated to a Forest Service ranger that was killed while trying to stop a fugitive. Take a towel with you if you plan on taking a dip in the lake after the ride.


Idaho, Blaine County

04 :30 hrs
9.6 mi
567.52673 ft

This ride has quick climbs, fast slalom-like turns, and a very well-liked downhill run. The eastern edge of Red Warrior crisscrosses a seasonal stream before gaining a series of switchbacks. The trail traces through wildflowers, meadows, and an area that was severely burned in the 2007 Castle Rock Fire. The route ends at Warm Springs Road and there is no bridge that crosses Warm Springs Creek, so be prepared to get a little wet. Some people like to have a shuttle planned at this point, or you can bike back to where you came from.


Idaho, Kellogg

03 :27 hrs
14.3 mi
937.31726 ft

The ride starts in Kellog, Idaho at the Silver Mountain Gondola building. When the snow melts away, the resort becomes home to the region’s premier mountain bike playground in Idaho. There is a lift that costs around $10.00 for a full day pass, and it goes to the top of the mountain. Be prepared for an exhilerating downhill ride with an extensive network of trails.


Idaho, Blaine County

02 :31 hrs
6.2 mi
716.41846 ft

The ride starts near Galena Lodge off of State Highway 75, and the route leads to a true outdoor treasure with vast recreational opportunities. The trail offers great views of meadows and surrounding mountains, along with several water crossings. There are also very interesting geologic features in the area, so bring a good camera. Be equipped with snacks, water, and a jacket for this very intriguing adventure.


Idaho, Blaine County

10 :35 hrs
18.7 mi
323.0498 ft

The route extends from the SNRA (Sawtooth National Recreation Area) headquarters to Galena Lodge and can be accessed from many different points. Starting from the North Fork Campground, the ride follows the Big Wood River upstream. The route leads through spacious meadows, aspen stands, and lodgepole forests. There are also magnificent views of the surrounding Boulder Mountain Range and Smoky Mountains. During the winter months, the trail is groomed for cross country skiing. The ride can be either an uphill, downhill, or as an out and back adventure.


Idaho, Custer County

11 :01 hrs
37.7 mi
827.2207 ft

The ride begins on a dirt road on the east side of State Highway 75 and immediately climbs into the White Cloud Mountains. The route winds through stream-side vegetation and trees as it reaches an old cabin near some white cliffs. The ride junctions with the Washington Lake trail before reaching Fourth of July Lake and Washington Lake. From there, the ride descends to Germania Creek Trail and Pole Creek Road as it loops back towards the highway. Make sure to plan ahead on where to camp, and be well equipped with food, water, and supplies.


Idaho, Bonner County

03 :59 hrs
7.5 mi
36.11963 ft

The route starts at Ledgewood Campground near Reader Bay Road on the west side of Priest Lake. The ride passes through old growth timber along the shoreline and hills. Views of the Selkirk Mountains and stream crossings are expected along the trail. The tread is amazingly smooth as the ride goes up and down with a few ferns and berry bushes popping up. The route can be used one way to connect with the Upper Priest Lake Navigation Trail, or it can be used as an out and back.


Idaho, Idaho County

07 :18 hrs
15.8 mi
1615.439 ft

The ride should be planned by those who are physically capable to climb the ridge. Coolwater Mountain is the western most highest point of the divide, offering spectacular views of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness and Lochsa basins. Be sure to take plenty of water, food, and a jacket. There are a couple of cool water springs before the lookout, if you want to fill up there. If you plan on camping, a wilderness permit can be obtained from a Forest Service facility or a registration box..


Idaho, Washington County

04 :51 hrs
18.4 mi
923.88245 ft

This is a very challenging loop that starts at Hitt Creek off of Forest Road 009. The ride has a strenuous singletrack climb that leads through canyons and creeks to the high ridge-tops of Sturgill Mountain. Outrageous views of the surrounding Payette National Forest are offered from the trail. There are a lot of camping areas along the Mann Creek, and it's definitely a good idea to plan ahead to find a good spot. Be well equipped with water, food, and supplies. A wilderness permit can be obtained from a Forest Service facility or a registration box.

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