Best Motorcycle in Idaho

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Idaho, Hailey

09 :31 hrs
86 mi
1118.9159 ft

Ride from Ketchum to Hailey via Smoky Bar


Idaho, Elmore County

01 :49 hrs
9.3 mi
883.91003 ft

This route begins at Willow Creek Staging Area and follows a rocky single track trail that is steep and loose in some areas. This is a very technical trail with creek crossings. It holds snow until mid-July.


Idaho, Bonner County

00 :17 hrs
1.7 mi
295.46198 ft

Hayes Gulch Trail was built specifically in 2018 for dirt bikes but also open to mountain biking. It climbs gently before getting steep and merges with Trail #3 connector with several choices as a descent.


Idaho, Kootenai County

00 :34 hrs
3.5 mi
270.328 ft

The Canfield Mountain Trail System has over 30 miles of single-track motorcycle trails. The terrain has a good mix of drop-offs, rocky sections, and scattered tree roots. Mild trails are marked with letters, and more difficult trail have numbers. There are nice views of Hayden Lake and the surrounding mountains. There is a 96db noise limit and a spark arresting exhaus silencer or end cap is required for all vehicles.


Idaho, Boise City

01 :03 hrs
5.9 mi
655.78503 ft

The 8th Street Motorcycle Trail is located in the Ridge to Rivers Trail System. This is for advanced riders. There is no fee to ride but a spark arresting exhaust or end cap is required and there is a 96db noise limit.


Idaho, Lemhi County

02 :06 hrs
10.5 mi
339.79297 ft

This route is an extension of the Anderson Mountain Lookout. It is open to motorcycling and not ATVs. Mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding are also allowed. It has some downhill riding before some short steep climbs. It can be done in both directions and is a challenging trail.


Idaho, Washington County

00 :34 hrs
3.2 mi
240.31201 ft

Coffee Flat #335 is located near Weiser Idaho in the Hitt Mountains. This is a popular singletrack trail that is a multi-use trail used for mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, and dirtbikes.


Idaho, Declo

02 :15 hrs
17.5 mi
676.428 ft

This route follows a hard-packed dirt trail with some rocky sections. It is a multi-use trail open to hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. You’ll most likely have the trail to yourself and have some beautiful views. There is no water along the way so prepare accordingly. This is a one-way trail.


Idaho, Shoshone County

00 :27 hrs
2.5 mi
302.58398 ft

St. Joe Divide follows a double-track trail near Avery, Idaho. This is a multi-use trail open to mountain biking, hiking, and motorcycles. There are some challenging climbs and beautiful scenery.


Idaho, Pocatello

00 :05 hrs
0.7 mi
0.756958 ft

Pocatello TMX has a main track and a peewee track for beginners. The park is open for practice on Tuesday and Saturdays but you should call before you haul. A spark arresting exhaust or end cap is not required.

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