Best Trails in Hawaii

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Hawaii, Kauai County

00 :03 hrs
0.1 mi
8.118042 ft

This short paved trail offers a spectacular birds-eye-view of Kauai’s famous Kalalau Valley, the largest valley on the Na Pali Coast. It also has a breathtaking view of the pacific ocean. If you are not up for or don't have time for the more strenuous ridge hikes in the area, this is for you.


Hawaii, Kauai County

04 :13 hrs
4 mi
150.74268 ft

This trail twists through a tropical forest and the world's highest swamp. It ends at the mountaintop Kilohana Lookout where you'll find unparalleled views of the north coast. On a clear day, you will see the Wainiha Valley, Hanalei Bay and Kilauea Lighthouse at the North Shore’s eastern edge. The trail is wet, slippery and muddy. A boardwalk covers portions of the trail. Wear sturdy shoes and prepare to get dirty.


Hawaii, Maui County

00 :18 hrs
0.2 mi
51.827694 ft

There are three different parking areas along the highway at Nakalele Point, each with a trail leading to the Nakalele Blow Hole. This popular attraction can spray water up to 30-40 feet on a day when the waves are high. Do not go near the blowhole or you can be sucked in. Wear sturdy shoes for hiking on loose lava rock. The trail is slippery in areas. Be sure to bring water, there are no facilities in this area.


Hawaii, ‘Aiea

01 :44 hrs
4.2 mi
237.45012 ft

The 'Aiea Loop trail winds pleasantly through the foothills of the Ko'olua mountains. It is part of the Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation area. Water and restrooms are available at the trailhead. Along the hike you'll find the site of a wrecked Army bomber and near the trailhead is an early Hawaiian historic site. Watch out for muddy spots and downed trees you will have to crawl under or go over.


Hawaii, Maui County

00 :14 hrs
0.2 mi
6.0319824 ft

This paved overlook trail provides 360 degree views. It is a great place for stargazing. There is an enclosed viewing area for inclement weather. Near the trail enjoy looking at the rare Ahinahina (Silversword) plant.


Hawaii, Kauai County

01 :24 hrs
1.2 mi
72.203735 ft

The Pihea trail is popular for scenic views, native vegetation and birdwatching. Go early because afternoon clouds can block the view of the valley below. For those looking for a longer hike, the trail branches off shortly before the overlook and winds down and hooks in to the Alakai Swamp Trail and the Mohihi 4WD road. The trail is muddy and steep in areas.


Hawaii, Hawaiʻi County

01 :13 hrs
2.8 mi
133.36084 ft

This trail crosses Kilauea Iki Crater which last erupted with lava in 1959. The trail descends 400 feet through the rain forest, with native birds in the canopy, to the crater floor. Hikers will cross the still-steaming crater floor, past the gaping throat of the vent that built Pu'u Pua'i cinder cone. The trail connects into the Crater Rim Trail to loop back to the starting point. Tail signs tell the story of a dramatic eruption in 1959. Steam issues from cracks in the earth caused by rainwater that has pooled and boiled. Some of the rocks on the crater floor can be too hot to touch. Be prepared for heat or rain. The weather can change quickly in this area.


Hawaii, Pearl City

01 :26 hrs
1.4 mi
132.10773 ft

This popular short hike leads to two delightful swimming holes framed by cascading waterfalls. This hike shares the same trail head as the Manana Trail so carefully watch the trail signs. Part of the trail descends down a steep ridge and has earned the nickname "Cardiac Hill" for the climb back up. Be ready to get wet and don't forget the bug spray!


Hawaii, Kauai County

03 :34 hrs
2.9 mi
503.66656 ft

This is a singletrack forest trail with occasional ridge top views. It travels downhilll to a cliff top overlook into the Awa'awapuhi and Naulolo valleys 2,000 feet below. Bring plenty of water and snacks. There are no facilities available.


Hawaii, Kauai County

00 :10 hrs
0.4 mi
23.171112 ft

The ocean overlook is breathtaking from the point where the lighthouse sits. The short trail there is paved and lined with native plants. The area is also a wildlife refuge particulary known for its numerous types of birds. You can also spot dolphins and sea lions. Whales are present Dec. - Apr.

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