Best Trails in Georgia

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Georgia, Dawson County

01 :02 hrs
1.9 mi
251.28314 ft

Amicalola Falls Loop features Georgia’s highest and most popular waterfall. Amicalola Falls cascades down a dizzying 721 foot rock-face, the third highest waterfall in the eastern United States. The trail runs above the falls offering spectacular views of the falls, Allatoona Mountains, as well as the surrounding Georgia piedmont. Because it is so popular there are roads to the reflecting pools and to the top of the falls, making this adventure relatively crowded. Be aware that there is a parking fee.


Georgia, Upson County

02 :34 hrs
2.6 mi
104.3347 ft

Sprewell bluff park 5.1 mile round trip with amazing views. The hike is moderate to difficult a with over 700 ft elevation gain. There are over looks benchs and picnic tables along the route


Georgia, White County

02 :05 hrs
3.9 mi
450.38702 ft

Steep 2.5 mile hike to the peak. Rugged terrain. Used sometimes for military personnel training. Also used for climbing. Dogs are allowed but I don't recommend it.


Georgia, DeKalb County

01 :53 hrs
4.9 mi
94.24747 ft

This is the Cherokee Hiking Trail as labeled by the park. The trail mostly stays along the base of the mountain and skirting by a couple of small lakes. A section of the trail skirts over the lip of the mountain on the summit access side. Denoted by a white rectangle, the trail will require maneuvering over large rocks. Parts of the trail are warned to be extremely slippery when wet and there is a connecting trail that keeps the hiker off the lip of the mountain. Mostly squirrels and snakes were found along the trail during the summer. This is not a very crowded trail.


Georgia, Forsyth County

01 :21 hrs
3.4 mi
116.831024 ft

This is at the Sawnee Mountain Preserve on the Indian Seats Trail. The trail markings are a blue diamond with "IS" and a number below it. The trails get a little confusing so utilizing the maps posted along the route is a big help. The views at the top are spectacular with many places to sit and view the landscape. On clear days you can see the Appalachian Mountains. You can access this trail from Bettis Tribble Gap Road.


Georgia, Stewart County

02 :36 hrs
6.8 mi
90.19998 ft

This adventure winds along the rim of Providence Canyon, which has deservedly been coined the nickname “Little Grand Canyon”. The hike features awesome up-close views of the stunningly colored and peculiarly sculpted sandstone canyon walls and sweeping panoramic distance canyon views. When out of the canyons the path explores rolling hills, covered with a range of flora, from rhododendrons, deciduous trees and azaleas to long-leaf and loblolly pines. Bird life includes warblers, thrushes, owls, turkeys and all of Georgia’s woodpecker species. There are several side trails and campsites along the way to make your trip more enjoyable.


Georgia, Stewart County

02 :33 hrs
6.5 mi
82.63312 ft

Providence Canyon is known as Georgia's "Little Grand Canyon". It is much smaller by the gullies are massive and impressive. This is Canyon and woods hiking.


Georgia, White County

01 :04 hrs
2.3 mi
103.13263 ft

Great place to take the family enjoy the falls and picnic. Great for all ages and very easy access.


Georgia, Union County

01 :28 hrs
3.2 mi
293.24304 ft

Located in Vogel State Park, this is a beautiful trail with a great view of Lake Trahlyta. There are several creek crossings along the way and it can be done in either direction.


Georgia, Bartow County

02 :04 hrs
4.3 mi
144.1352 ft

Beautiful trail that meanders through the forest, with a great spor by an old flooded quarry. Good for the whole family.

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