Best Trails in Delaware

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Delaware, New Castle County

02 :05 hrs
5.8 mi
56.64616 ft

Brandywine Creek State Park is located in the Piedmont in Delaware, along with 3 more of the 15 state parks in the state. This park preserves an especially picturesque section of a Piedmont valley noted for its scenery, history, and culture. The wooded portions of the park have been relatively undisturbed for almost the past two hundred years. The great trees are the glory of the park, but the artistic stone walls crisscrossing the meadows and forests were built more than a century ago by Italians and are a beautiful sight. This hike explores the gorgeous forests on both sides of the river, as well as trekking along the river for a distance on both its banks.


Delaware, Dover

04 :58 hrs
49.8 mi
14.178757 ft

This is a great ride through a rural area that will take you past picturesque farms, green meadows, and quaint old buildings. It will also take you past slow-moving horse-drawn buggies and traditional Amish women tending their gardens. The route follows lightly traveled back roads from the historic town of Dover into these vast and scenic outlying farmlands. The terrain is extremely flat with plenty of places to rest.


Delaware, Sussex County

01 :36 hrs
4.8 mi
1.4357679 ft

Delaware Seashore State Park is bounded on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay. It is a major attraction for visitors and there is a large variety of water-related activities available. This trail offers a great loop perfect for exploring the park's open meadows, young hardwood and pine forests, and a view of the Indian River Bay. The trail is wide with a variable surface and is open to hiking, bicycling, and horseback riding. Two connector trails provide community access at several locations throughout Fresh Pond.


Delaware, Sussex County

00 :31 hrs
1.5 mi
1.8345966 ft

Delaware Seashore State Park is bounded on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay. It is a major attraction for visitors and there is a large variety of water-related activities available. This is an easy, interpretive hike on boardwalks, sand, and soft upland soil through salt marsh and coastal forest. The ease of the hike, good facilities near the trailhead, and spectacular scenery and views make this a wonderful family outing.


Delaware, Sussex County

01 :15 hrs
3.8 mi
1.0494204 ft

The Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge is a sanctuary for migratory birds and lies along the western shore of Delaware Bay. The refuge contains a variety of habitats, including freshwater and salt marshes, woodlands, grasslands, ponds, and forested areas. It supports 267 species of birds and a variety of reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. This trail begins as a gravel path and soon passes by the old Morris family burying ground on the left. It then goes out upon the edges of Shell Beach Pond along a boardwalk with fine views of the marsh that covers most of the refuge. After walking a bit on solid ground, another boardwalk takes you through a wooded swamp. Open fields and forested clumps are seen as you finish your hike.


Delaware, New Castle County

03 :42 hrs
37 mi
17.67931 ft

The Shorefire Century Ride is a route created by the White Clay Bicycle Club who hosts an annual race event. There are 35, 65, and 100 mile routes that take you through beautiful, scenic countryside. The terrain is flat to gently rolling and the scenery is gorgeous farmland and some wooded sections.


Maryland, Wicomico County

04 :16 hrs
42.7 mi
12.689527 ft

This is an ideal area for cycling with its almost traffic-free and wooded back roads and fascinating ecology. The ride passes several ponds, two of which represent the northernmost extent of the bald cypress trees growing out of the water in swamps for which the Deep South is famous. At Trussum Pond you will feel like you are pedaling through a Louisiana bayou and at Trap Pond you will pedal through a great state park where there are lots of facilities. As the route passes Portsville, you can take a bird-watching detour through the Nanticoke Wildlife Area. The traffic is light on this route except on Route 54 and crossing Route 13.


Delaware, Rehoboth Beach

01 :17 hrs
12.8 mi
3.4671311 ft

This is a beautiful ride along the Coastal Highway that offers long vistas and a warm sea breeze. As you ride along the coast from Surfside Park at Rehoboth Beach south to Bethany Beach, you will pass several ponds and inland bays to the west and long sandy beaches and views of the ocean to the east. The terrain is flat but strong breezes off the ocean can make the ride challenging.


Delaware, Sussex County

03 :59 hrs
12 mi
11.134239 ft

Cape Henlopen State Park is exquisitely beautiful and has a variety of different habitats, including the beach and shore, the dunes, mature forests, bogs, and salt marshes. White-tailed deer roam the woodlands, northern bobwhite abounds on the dunes and in the forests, and seabirds and shorebirds are abundant. This hike connects all of these habitats with many interpretive signs and brochures available along the way. Parts of this hike along the bay shore and ocean beach are closed from March 1 to October 1 to protect rare nesting and migrating shorebirds. All inland trails are open year-round.


Delaware, Kent County

03 :07 hrs
9.4 mi
1.9442247 ft

This is a great hike on the dirt roads of the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge. This is an especially rewarding hike for those interested in watching migrating shorebirds and waterfowl, nesting bald eagles, and resident woodland mammals, such as deer, fox, woodchucks, and raccoons. The views are long and beautiful over the vast salt marsh, rivers, and wooded and grassy areas. It is a very peaceful place to visit and the scenery adds wonderfully to the calm and serene atmosphere.

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