Best Road Biking in Colorado

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Colorado, Jefferson County

00 :20 hrs
1.7 mi
39.82495 ft

Nicely paved trail for walking or riding along the creek through the Applemeadows neighborhoods. Mostly flat with a slight downhill.


Colorado, Vail

01 :07 hrs
5.2 mi
282.20776 ft

This route offers a breathtaking scenic ride while paralleling the Snake River up to 10,000 feet. The charming old mining town of Montezuma is tucked away deep in the forest. The road has very little traffic and most of the challenging elevation gain is in the last mile.


Colorado, Boulder County

03 :13 hrs
16.1 mi
985.8921 ft

This ride is one of the steepest paved roads in the Denver area. Even riding up the Boulder Canyon road to get to Magnolia road is a challenge. Magnolia begins about 5 miles up Boulder Canyon. Once you get to Magnolia road the base is the toughest and then slowly lessens in grade. There are many options for descents when you reach Peak Hwy or you can retrace your tracks back down.


Colorado, Lyons

05 :48 hrs
53.4 mi
1138.6576 ft

Lyons to Estes Park is a long 50 mile loop that is a classic Front Range ride. It skirts the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park and travels right through the town of Estes Park. Riding in South Saint Vrain Canyon offers a long steady climb. There is a rewarding descent back to Lyons


Colorado, Fort Collins

04 :41 hrs
44 mi
899.94165 ft

Rist Canyon is a classic ride along the Front Range. The road up the canyon is a long moderate climb that is wide and doesn’t see a lot of traffic. After topping out the road flattens out and begins a thrilling descent back down to Fort Collins.


Colorado, Steamboat Springs

00 :36 hrs
3.1 mi
234.88257 ft

This short ride begins in Steamboat Springs and rides to the picnic area of Fish Creek Falls. It is a great family ride and be sure to set aside time to see the impressive falls. The road is steep in some areas but it is short lived.


Colorado, Golden

00 :52 hrs
4.7 mi
393.88306 ft

This classic hill climb is a popular ride that begins in Golden and rides to Lookout Mountain. It is a good choice for intermediate riders and has excellent views of the Colorado Range. The route hosts an annual bike race each year.


Colorado, Colorado Springs

01 :33 hrs
14.8 mi
168.42676 ft

This loop rides through downtown Colorado Springs and up to Palmer Park, where the views are beautiful. Most of the ride is flat with the exception of the short climb that is steep right before Palmer Park. A section of the ride travels along the Rock Island Trail.


Colorado, Boulder

03 :33 hrs
34.1 mi
768.47046 ft

This challenging route is known for some of the steepest hills around to climb. It travels through the mountains west of Boulder. The most challenging climbs are right in the beginning. There is a 6 mile section that rides on dirt roads. The last section has a nice descent on some rough pavement.


Colorado, Superior

01 :22 hrs
13.2 mi
124.39856 ft

This popular cruise is a nice short loop that rides through the hills south of Boulder. It is done by locals as a “race course”. The course is named after the dog and cat of the first person to promote a race. The route follows busy roads and highways but shoulders are wide and used regularly by riders.

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