Best Off Road in Colorado

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Colorado, San Juan County

02 :05 hrs
9.9 mi
1153.9241 ft

Black Bear Pass is an impressive trail that climbs through beautiful mountain scenery. The descent into Telluride travels along a narrow shelf road with 1000 foot plus drop-offs with dangerous switchbacks, tight turns, and loose shale. The trail is not technically challenging but requires full attention and expert drivers.


Colorado, Ouray County

01 :60 hrs
9.3 mi
1362.2058 ft

Yankee Boy Basin has some amazing scenery with majestic peaks, fields of wildflowers, and thick forests. This area also held some of the richest mining history in the state. Most of the road is smooth with no major obstacles. There are two active miles and the traffic can be busy. It is suitable for stock SUVs.


Colorado, Pitkin County

01 :07 hrs
5.3 mi
929.8069 ft

This high mountain road is between Aspen and Crested Butte. It offers views of some towering mountains and beautiful scenery. Snow may be present late into the summer and some years can stay blocked from snow all year. Expect some rocky boulder fields, narrow shelf roads, and some water crossings. Dispersed camping is available along the way. You'll need a lightly modified rig with a small lift and bigger tires.


Colorado, Larimer County

01 :49 hrs
17.3 mi
440.2827 ft

Trail run with the Larimer County Mountaineers 4x4 group.


Colorado, Gunnison County

04 :40 hrs
41.2 mi
466.05908 ft

Beginning at Taylor Park Reservoir, this route explores two loops with a variety of terrain and you’ll visit the historic town of Tincup. The first loop explores the northern section of Taylor Park ending with the loop through Union Park and Tincup. You’ll need to carry extra gas if you do the entire mapped route. No gas is available in Tincup but you'll find supplies and a restaurant.


Colorado, Pitkin County

04 :22 hrs
19.5 mi
1161.6411 ft

Pearl Pass is a remote trail that has a variety of terrain and difficulty. The views are spectacular but during heavy snowfall years, it may be impassable. Expect boulder fields, narrow shelf roads, and several water crossings. It can be done from either trailhead and you’ll need a lightly modified SUV with bigger tires and a small lift.


Colorado, Gilpin County

00 :20 hrs
1.6 mi
259.82886 ft

Miners Gulch is part of the Yankee Hill 4x4 network of trails. This trail takes you deep into the forest and through a running stream near the end. If the water is flowing it is best to run it downhill. It is narrow in spots with plenty of rocky sections. A lightly modified vehicle is best with a lift and bigger tires.


Colorado, San Miguel County

02 :28 hrs
11.9 mi
1317.103 ft

Imogene Pass is a beautiful off-road trail that connects Telluride and Ouray and is rick in mining history. There are remnants of mining structures and machines along the route with signs that document significant areas. The road is a mix of easy dirt roads with some rocky sections and a shelf road that is too narrow for 2 vehicles to pass. A few water crossings are also possible depending on the time of year. The views are spectacular.


Colorado, Gunnison County

03 :48 hrs
17.2 mi
1036.9021 ft

The Little Cimarron Trail is located off Highway 50. The first 12 miles are on a groomed trail until it reaches a group of private cabins. The trail then turns into an ungroomed climb up Firebox Creek to open meadows at over 11,000 feet. Snowmobilers should take caution here because of the avalanche chutes.


Colorado, Hinsdale County

03 :43 hrs
15.9 mi
816.1941 ft

This trail is great for both beginners and experienced riders. It is groomed and well marked making it easy to follow. You’ll find open meadows to play in as well as some steeper areas with hill climbing for those more experienced riders. Winter scenery and views are awesome with possible wildlife sightings.

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