Best Hiking in Colorado

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Colorado, Clear Creek County

15 :02 hrs
8.1 mi
900.16455 ft

Standing at 14,270 feet, Grays Peak is the highest peak along the Colorado Front Range. Just shy of the elevation of Grays Peak is its neighbor Torrey Peak. With their close proximity to Denver, this is a popular hike during summer months. The peaks are usually done with one ascent; Grays is summited first then Torrey. The trail begins by ascending up through the grass covered Stephens Gulch. The final stretch to Grays Peak makes several switchbacks up a talus slope. From Grays Peak, the trail traverse along the ridge to Torrey Peak before returning back to the northeast slope of Grays Peak.


Colorado, Golden

00 :45 hrs
2 mi
16.730835 ft

This popular trail follows Clear Creek through Golden, CO with many water access locations. You can see the Coors factory on one end and Lookout Mtn with the School of Mines "M" on the other. The views are beautiful along Clear Creek with fall foliage and during the winter holidays with lights decorating the trees.


Colorado, Delta County

04 :30 hrs
3.9 mi
239.2334 ft

Gradually climb through a beautiful open meadow into the forest and end up above the lakes with amazing views of the surrounding rocky mountain peaks. Follow the trail along the top of the ridge for a great hike in Grand Mesa National Park.


Colorado, Jefferson County

01 :36 hrs
3.3 mi
271.89612 ft

Nightbird Gulch is accessed via Canyon Point and Trip Ranch neighborhood and climbs up connecting to Mount Galbraith Loop. This trail overlooks the city of Golden with views of North & South Table and the Coors Factory. No biking is allowed and dogs must be kept on a leash.


Colorado, Mesa County

03 :53 hrs
6.2 mi
375.08337 ft

I have questioned whether to add this place. Its remote, not popular, hard to find and an absolute hidden gem- which needs to stay in that condition. We saw 1 person on the trail that day. And only 2 cars parked at the trailhead. Also saw NO TRASH, which was AWESOME! Do not drive all the way to trailhead without 4x4 and a great ground clearance (10" min). It is not recommended in rainy weather either, and can become impassable. Just park and hike the rest like we did- Also there is a summer and winter road, make sure you take the right one for your date of hike. The road has only a few signs, you go through National Park land make a few turns, it's very far down an average gravel road before it gets very rough, so make sure to get directions from many different places, have GPS, a standard map, and know you will probably not get phone service. As for the trail- it's an awesome amazing experience. Do you like Arches NP? This is basically Arches without all the crowds! But be prepared to have no services as well. Our route did require some bouldering/crab crawling, which is only recommended to experienced climbers. The views and area are stunning. If you make it there, please practice leave no trace rules. Be respectful. And keep nature wild.


Colorado, Park County

04 :49 hrs
7.1 mi
647.2715 ft

This trip includes a three peak traverse from Mount Democrat to Mount Lincoln and finally Mount Bross, and all of them are on Colorado's list of fourteeners. Although it may be hard to fathom summiting three fourteeners in one day, the close proximity of these peaks and the ridgelines that link them makes this trip quite possible. Beginning and ending above treeline, this trail leaves the parking area where it ascends beyond Kite Lake up an alpine basin to the saddle between Mount Democrat and Mount Cameron. From here the trail traverses along ridgelines climbing from peak to peak in the order listed before descending back to Kite Lake. With each treeless summit and ridges are incredible open views of the surrounding area from start to finish.


Colorado, Clear Creek County

07 :27 hrs
4.4 mi
834.9287 ft

Compared to its neighboring trails, Mount Bierstadt Trail and Sawtooth Trail, the West Ridge Trail is the less traveled, yet more direct route up Mount Evans. From the trailhead, you'll hike through an alpine meadow and follow a mountain stream into an alpine tundra where you'll reach the base of a gully. The trail climbs up the gully to a slope and then follows a ridge to the summit.


Colorado, Clear Creek County

02 :17 hrs
1.7 mi
149.88647 ft

Easy hike to alpine lakes with a great view of 14er Mt Bierstadt. There are a lot of wild flowers during the spring and summer.


Colorado, Jefferson County

01 :11 hrs
2.9 mi
94.6322 ft

This route on South Table Mtn is a great low trafficked, easy hike to get out to quiet, pretty views of Denver and the front range mountains. Basalt Cap Loop is a gravel trail approx. 5' wide and great for running. Wildlife is common on South Table Mtn. There are deer, coyotes, and rattlesnakes. Be aware of your surrounding.


Colorado, Summit County

02 :05 hrs
3.8 mi
226.49658 ft

This is called the Walker Trail, because for the most part, you could take your grandpa with his walker on it. The north/south part of the trail is this easy portion I just mentioned. After the trail dissipates I followed a game trail up to some hill tops above a small valley and creek. There I found a small blind setup. This trail has been known to have Mountain Lions around, so make sure you are cautious and take precautions.

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