Best Climbing in Colorado

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Colorado, Dolores County

19 :40 hrs
8.2 mi
1450.4343 ft

This route summits two of Colorado's fourteeners. It begins at the Navajo Lake Trailhead and climbs up to Navajo Lake and Basin. From the basin head up the north face of Mount Wilson. Once you summit Wilson it is a long traverse along the ridge to El Diente. Plan on a few hours to navigate across. The traverse requires some class 4 moves with a 60-foot rappel to bypass some easy but very exposed downclimbing.


Colorado, Vail

0-1 :54 hrs
0.4 mi
204.3125 ft

Loveland Pass has been a popular place to ski since the 1930s. There was at one time a rope tow that would carry skiers up. The easy accessible run drops 600 ft. right from the parking down to the sharp turn. Use a shuttle or hitch a ride and do multiple laps. This is a popular run so don't expect to be the only one around.


Colorado, Golden

00 :19 hrs
0.6 mi
25.055908 ft

Canal Zone is a popular crag just west of Golden in Clear Creek Canyon. It's a popular place to climb with easy access and being close to town. Watch out for rattlesnakes.


Colorado, Clear Creek County

00 :03 hrs
0.1 mi
11.91333 ft

This crag is on the south side of US 6 on the west side of Tunnel 5 in Clear Creek. You can park in the parking lot on for the paved trail along the creek and this crag is directly over the creek. Left > Right Beer for Life, 5.11-, 1p, 85', bolts. Into the Black, 5.10+, 1p, 90', bolts. Fleas and Ticks, 5.9-, 1p, 100', bolts. Out of the Blue, 5.8+, 2p, 160', bolts. The Purrrfect Puppy, 5.7, 1p, 80', bolts. Stray Cat, 5.8, 1p, 80', bolts. >above Stray Cat or Purrrfect Puppy: Top Dawg, 5.10, 1p, 50', bolts.


Colorado, Ouray County

03 :20 hrs
4.4 mi
504.48145 ft

Bear Creek is an Ouray classic canyoneering route. The canyon is beautiful but technical as the creek carves a deep narrow gorge. You must be commited and experienced once you enter the canyon. There is exposed downclimbing and a lot of swimming. During heavy snowpack years, the water levels may never be safe. There are 6 rappels with the tallest being 100 ft. Bring rappelling and anchor gear, 70 ft. of webbing, 6 quicklinks, a wetsuit, and a life jacket for weak swimmers.


Colorado, Clear Creek County

01 :01 hrs
0.6 mi
152.68115 ft

Berthoud Pass is a classic lost ski resort. It closed its lift operations in 2001 and is now a very popular place to backcountry ski. It is easily accessible and offers many choices for runs and style of terrain. If you are looking for a true backcountry experience with solitude and no crowds this is not the place. Many of the runs end at a road and require either a skin back up or a quick shuttle back up to the pass. The West side trail begins after you cross the road to the west side of Berthoud Pass. Climb to 11,900 feet up the old ski lift/run for .9 mile. This is the skin track to access several runs in the area.


Colorado, Clear Creek County

06 :13 hrs
7.3 mi
798.6665 ft

Start at the Dry Creek trail, and start skinning. Stay in the drainage or climb out early and skin along numerous benches. When you reach the large area between skin up the ridge towards the collar on The Citadel, then up the collar for a nice ski down. Strap the skins back on and work your way up to the ridge on Hagar. Work up the ridge and choose any one of many fun lines. Then back out Dry Creek, or over into Loveland Ski Area. BE SURE TO ENTER THE SKI AREA THROUGH A LEGAL ENTRANCE OR WITH PATROL PERMISSION. Also, getting both peaks in one day requires good conditions, so be cognizant of changes in snow conditions.


Colorado, Summit County

01 :33 hrs
2.3 mi
230.18872 ft

So fun, there was something for everyone! Took the pooch on her first back country trip!


Colorado, Park County

01 :14 hrs
0.7 mi
161.60083 ft

Easy climb to the peak west of the Section House atop Boreas Pass Rd. Fun tree skiing on low angle terrain.


Colorado, Clear Creek County

01 :15 hrs
1.9 mi
197.62085 ft

Saint Mary's Glacier offers permanent, year-round snow. This area was one of the 1st places to offer skiing in the state. There was a lift that serviced the glacier in the 1950s, it later shutdown in 1986. It has stayed closed since and offers nice backcountry skiing. You will encounter snowshoers, snowboarders and skiiers. There are four primary descents with something for every level of skiier.

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