Best Canoeing in Colorado

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Colorado, Summit County

03 :36 hrs
8 mi
38.248535 ft

This was a great day on Lake Dillon, from the Gibberson Bay day use area, over to the Dillon Marina, and back. I was actually on my SUP board, so if your wary of deep water, dont take this route! Or if the weather is bad, windy, etc, this would be a very tough and dangerous route. On this day, it was fairly calm, maybe 5mph winds. Sunny with a few puffy clouds. The day use parking area is very close to the water, and makes for a great hand launching spot. Please dont leave trash- I picked up a pile in less than 5 minutes. Between the lake and parking lot. So please, pack it in, pack it out.


Colorado, Summit County

04 :00 hrs
8.9 mi
7.901123 ft

This beautiful stretch has lots of views, cliffs with large homes on top, the Dillon Amphitheater, which is currently being renovated, and lots of lake. Great for almost any size boats, sailboat, Paddle board, kayak, temps stay chilly for most water sports but wetsuits in the middle of summer are an option. And I've seen diving clinics and training going on as well. Fishing and birdwatching, bike path that surrounds the lake. Campgrounds as well. Lots of recreation options!


Colorado, Summit County

02 :38 hrs
5.9 mi
14.279053 ft

Our bday pontoon on Lake Dillon, went to pirates cove and back to Dillon marina!


Colorado, Grand County

00 :22 hrs
1 mi
19.161865 ft

This put in is located at the Wolford Campground. It's an easy walk from camp to the lake to put in. Super chill, flat water morning but doesnt take much wind to really get the waves going on the lake though, and not many trees around the lake anywhere. Beautiful scenery, sagebrush and grass valleys to pine covered mountains and cliffs surround you.


Colorado, Gunnison County

00 :16 hrs
0.6 mi
3.5239258 ft

Emerald Lake is a high mountain lake that lies in the Elk Mountain near Crested Butte. The road to the lake is usually not accessible till late July. Fishing for brook and rainbow trout are popular here. The scenery is amazing so be sure to bring your camera.


Colorado, Dillon

02 :00 hrs
2.2 mi
4.1936035 ft

Lake Dillon is a fresh water reservoir that is bordered by the towns of Frisco, Silverhorne, and Dillon. This large high mountain lake is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the state. The crystal clear waters have many islands that are accessible by canoe or kayak. There is plenty of wildlife and birds to see. Windy Point Campground is hand launch only. It is an ideal place to paddle, enjoy a picnic, or go for a bike ride. The views of the surrounding mountain ranges are beautiful. There is very little shade and no drinking water.


Colorado, Summit County

02 :27 hrs
5.5 mi
33.611084 ft

Starting from public dock 3 on Lake Dillon, and going for a cruise/fish to the islets.


Colorado, Grand County

00 :12 hrs
0.5 mi
16.97583 ft

Launched from my dispersed camp on BLM on Wolford Reservoir. Not a person on this side of the lake that I've seen! But very hard/rough road to get here. Plenty of great places to check out along the lake side, small beaches, groups of willows, great spots for dispersed camping. Not a lot of shade, but the water feels great!


Colorado, Gunnison

00 :28 hrs
1 mi
0.9951172 ft

Located just west of Crested Butte is Lake Irwin. This is a gorgeous lake to paddle and enjoy nature. It is surrounded by the rugged Ruby Mountain Range. Only hand powered boats are allowed. Wildflowers are amazing during July and August. The area offers camping, fishing, hiking and biking trails.


Colorado, Delta County

01 :14 hrs
2.8 mi
5.022949 ft

Island Lake is located on the Colorado's Grand Mesa. With over 300 small lakes in the area this is one of the largest. It offers incredible views and is a perfect place to paddle. There are camping facilities available and hiking opportunities.

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