Best ATV in Colorado

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Colorado, Gunnison County

04 :40 hrs
41.2 mi
466.05908 ft

Beginning at Taylor Park Reservoir, this route explores two loops with a variety of terrain and you’ll visit the historic town of Tincup. The first loop explores the northern section of Taylor Park ending with the loop through Union Park and Tincup. You’ll need to carry extra gas if you do the entire mapped route. No gas is available in Tincup but you'll find supplies and a restaurant.


Colorado, Chaffee County

02 :43 hrs
26.4 mi
375.136 ft

Two great loops that are for ATVs and connected by forest roads. The trail is narrow, twisty with banked curves that are fun to ride. Challenging but not overly difficult. It also offers excellent views from some high points along the way. Dispersed camping is available along the forest service road.


Colorado, Teller County

03 :43 hrs
18.2 mi
152.5 ft

This mapped adventure is a mix of easy to moderate riding. There is one challenging section that has a bypass for beginner riders, a narrow bridge to cross and a tight squeeze between big boulders which makes it too narrow for UTVs. Some alternate starting points are also available further north as well as more riding.


Colorado, Jackson County

01 :17 hrs
6.1 mi
177.89111 ft

North Sand Hills is a huge playground of trails. You’ll find banked berms, big hills, open flats, and trail through grass and trees. There is something for everyone and it can be enjoyed by any kind of rig, ATV, or UTV. This is BLM land and dispersed camping is available as well as some developed campsites.


Colorado, San Juan County

04 :40 hrs
20.6 mi
938.4448 ft

This adventure follows a well-maintained road through Cunningham Gulch and then climbs to Stony Pass. There’s a long descent to Pole Creek, then the trail winds back and forth over rougher terrain. It is very scenic the entire way. The Pole Creek water crossing can be challenging during high water and there are a few places that are steep and rocky.


Colorado, San Juan County

02 :27 hrs
11.6 mi
604.01685 ft

Beginning from Red Mountain Pass you can either head north or south. The northern half passes through one of the most historical mining areas in Colorado. The southern route has incredible views looking into Porphyry Gulch, Black Bear, and Chattanooga. The road is steep in places, but easy and well maintained. On the southern half, the trail climbs above 12,000ft.


Colorado, San Juan County

01 :39 hrs
8.2 mi
809.03296 ft

Arrastra Gulch is a historical mining area and the trail leads to the Mayflower Mill. Tours are available for a small fee but it is worth it. The road is pretty easy and gets steeper, narrower, and rougher the higher you get. Full services are available in Silverton but nothing along the trail.


Colorado, Alamosa County

01 :45 hrs
8.3 mi
1381.846 ft

Blanca Peak is known as one of the most extreme off-roads in Colorado. It has a mix of dangerous obstacles and incredible scenery. You will pass by Lake Como and end at Blue Lakes. There are 5 major obstacles named Jaws 1, Jaws 2, Jaws 2.5, Jaws 3, and Jaws 4. The trail starts out pretty mild and will slowly weed out vehicles that are not equipped to finish the trail. The road is rough and slow so it is common to make an overnighter and set up camp at Lake Como. This is also a popular hiking trail so watch for hikers. 33'' tires, a winch, and at least one differential locker are highly recommended for this trail. Some


Colorado, San Juan County

00 :38 hrs
3 mi
469.97705 ft

Porphyry Gulch has some beautiful lakes and waterfalls to see as well as pleasant scenery all along the way. The trail is fun and has some steep and rocky sections along a narrow shelf road. There is a short hike at the end to the lakes that is well worth it.


Colorado, Douglas County

00 :48 hrs
7.8 mi
341.0061 ft

Rainbow Falls OHV Area is a very popular riding area with several challenging and scenic trails. The Eastern Loop wanders through a variety of terrain and reaches higher elevations along the west side of Rampart Range. It is a little more difficult with washouts on steep sections. A detailed map is available from the forest service with more details and additional riding trails.

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