Best Trails in California

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California, SF

00 :25 hrs
0.9 mi
40.936 ft

This adventure explores Alcatraz Island offering excellent views and picture opportunities.


California, SF

00 :19 hrs
1.8 mi
23.155191 ft

Beautiful views across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.


California, Costa Mesa

00 :59 hrs
1.4 mi
19.334568 ft

North Shore Trail follows the shores of Upper Newport Bay where the banks of the estuary are a deep green in summer. A wide variety of birds thrive on the salt marsh ecosystem that is Upper Newport Bay Ecological & Nature Preserve. Check out the interpretive center near the trailhead.


California, Grand Terrace

02 :12 hrs
1.7 mi
346.17227 ft

Blue Mountain Trail is a short steep hike to rewarding views high above the surrounding neighborhoods its nestled between. The trail follows a dirt road as it makes several switchbacks through a grass and boulder filled landscape. At the summit are radio towers and buildings, the trail travels beyond the structures for added seclusion.


California, Marin County

00 :31 hrs
2.8 mi
69.459 ft

Biking from the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, California.


California, Inyo County

13 :09 hrs
10.9 mi
626.40283 ft

Piute Pass Trail begins through a forest of lodgepole pine and aspens as it meanders alongside a creek. It passes several high alpine lakes glacially formed and encased in granite rock; this section of the trail is mostly exposed. At 7.8 miles the trail descends into an evergreen forest and ends at Hutchinson Meadow. There may be fallen or leaning trees on or near the trail due to high winds in December of 2011. This is intended to be an overnight trip; check with Inyo National Forest for required information.


California, Dana Point

00 :21 hrs
0.3 mi
45.670883 ft

Dana Point Trail follows the outer edges of Dana Point through coastal brush to the furthest extent of the point where you are surrounded by views of rocky cliffs and the open ocean. This is a perfect place to watch for migrating whales and explore tidal pools.


California, Mariposa County

10 :17 hrs
7.3 mi
1393.9924 ft

The trail to Half Dome follows the Merced River until it flattens out at Little Yosemite Valley. The ascent has some steep sections and switchbacks including where Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls are at 2 miles and again at 3 miles; there are excellent views of Yosemite Falls at these points. Along the trail, there are three restrooms: Vernal Falls footbridge (2 miles), Emerald Pool (2 miles), Nevada Falls (3 miles), and Little Yosemite Valley (4 miles). Two sets of 400 foot long cable wires run up and down the final ascent to the summit. At the summit, views of Yosemite Valley and the High Seirra await. This is a long and difficult hike, make sure to be prepared. Check out the National Park Website for some tips.


Nevada, Henderson

02 :37 hrs
2.5 mi
275.71368 ft

Travelling through Gold Strike Canyon south of Lake Mead, this trail will deposit you on the shore of the beautiful Colorado River a mile below the Hoover Dam (which cannot be seen from here due to a turn in the river). This canyon begins reasonably wide, but is narrow in some spots, and always incredibly beautiful. It is also teaming with wildlife, so be on the lookout for beautiful creatures which should be avoided.


California, San Diego County

01 :41 hrs
4 mi
136.58838 ft

Beautiful forest woodland with lots of wildlife

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