Best Road Biking in California

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California, SF

00 :19 hrs
1.8 mi
23.155191 ft

Beautiful views across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.


California, Marin County

00 :31 hrs
2.8 mi
69.459 ft

Biking from the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, California.


Nevada, Las Vegas

00 :53 hrs
8.1 mi
52.6015 ft

If you’re looking to experience Las Vegas as a tourist on a bike, this may be the adventure for you. Starting from a parking lot on the north end of Vegas, this route leads through the Freemont Street Experience (be prepared to dismount and walk along Freemont Street) and then circles back around to follow Las Vegas Blvd., “the Strip,” southward to the end of the stretch of famous Vegas resorts. Be prepared for heavy and unpredictable traffic, constant changes in construction locations, and lots and lots of people on foot. This ride may be best experienced at night when temperatures are lower.


California, San Luis Obispo County

04 :24 hrs
45.2 mi
552.58777 ft

Called the Cambria Challenge partially because of its location and partially because of the terrain of which will certainly test your endurance. The looped ride will both challenge you and, upon completion, leave you with a sense of accomplishment and reward. The ride begins oceanside as it follows the Cabrillo Highway and then turns inland climbing through canyons and along hillsides as it follows the more desolate back country roads of Cambria. There are incredible views of the coastline and the rolling hills that surround the area and are much of the reward of this ride. The majority of traffic is along the Cabrillo Highway.


California, Orange County

00 :54 hrs
9.4 mi
73.63122 ft

Big moose, two males, another two females, on with calf. I had to coach two youngsters on moving out of the way. The moose was determined to have some space for her calf.


Nevada, Stateline

07 :38 hrs
72.1 mi
249.33142 ft

Billed as “America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride”, the Tour de Tahoe route circumnavigates Lake Tahoe on the area highways. There is an annual event held in September with additional route distances, including shorter rides, a family spectator lake cruise, and even a century distance. Details can be found at


California, San Francisco

01 :31 hrs
15.7 mi
242.92773 ft

What better way to see the Golden Gate Bridge than to ride across on a bike. The ride crosses the bridge on a designated paved bike/walking path. Once across, you'll follow the windy Conzelman Road and enjoy incredible views as the it hugs the coastline from Golden Gate Bridge to Point Bonita; leave you're bike and take the paved walkway to the lighthouse. The ride returns along Bunker Road as it goes through the hillside and links back to Golden Gate Bridge. Restroom facilities are available in the vicinity of the parking lot.


California, Glendale

05 :09 hrs
51.5 mi
1297.2867 ft

Mount Wilson Ride will take you into the heart of the San Gabriel Mountains and to the top of a towering peak, Mount Wilson. Although not as high as its surrounding peaks, the views are just as good if not better. You'll find views of not only the San Gabriel Mountains and their rocky cliffs, but the populated valley below as well. The canyon roads are windy and comprised of several tight turns. With the combination of grade and turns, coming down is technical. Bring layers for the descent, it will likely be chilly. The heaviest of traffic is surrounding the parking area along Foothill Boulevard. The canyon roads leading to Mount Wilson will have light to moderate traffic.


California, Los Angeles County

00 :34 hrs
5.8 mi
33.48197 ft

Instead of fearing that you'll slow traffic down in a car or not be able to see all the sights on foot, tour the city on a bike. This ride zig zags along the streets of LA while passing historical buildings, modern structures, and wanders through rich cultural communities, Little Tokyo and Chinatown. Traffic is heavy; try this ride in the early mornings and during the weekend when traffic is lighter.


California, Mariposa County

03 :02 hrs
15.4 mi
527.8987 ft

Above Yosemite Valley floor are some of the most extraordinary views, Glacier Point is where you can find such views. This ride follows Glacier Point Road as it winds through forests and past open meadows to Glacier Point where you'll find views of Yosemite Valley and Half Dome. Be sure to bring a bike lock so you can walk to the overlook point and enjoy the views. It's best to do this ride on a weekday and in the early mornings when traffic is less. Food, water, and restrooms are available in Yosemite Valley, Wawona, and along the ride at Bridalveil Campground (mile 7.8) and at Glacier Point.

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