Best UTV in Arizona

Trying to find the best UTV in Arizona? Bivy has great hiking, biking, paddling, climbing, skiing, riding and more, with hand-curated trail maps, as well as detailed driving directions.


Arizona, Mohave County

00 :49 hrs
9.1 mi
155.43 ft

Through the Bucks is a very easy route that links with many other routes in the area. This is an old mining road that takes you through washes and the colorful desert. Stock vehicles should have no problems here. Dispersed camping areas are plentiful throughout the trail.


Arizona, Maricopa County

05 :17 hrs
27.7 mi
1089.408 ft

Four Peaks Trail provides a great view of the Mazatzal Mountains and Lake Roosevelt. This trail can be steep at times but there is good traction and for the most part the trail is pretty easy. A few small washes may be encountered as well. Stock SUVs and 2wd trucks should have no problem with this trail. Flooding is a possibility here if weather gets really bad.


Arizona, Yavapai County

00 :46 hrs
3.8 mi
40.72998 ft

Box Canyon- Wickenburg is great for four wheelers and 4wd vehicles. Visitors enjoy driving through the wet and sandy canyon that is lined by cliffs. There is usually not very much water here, just enough to make a small splash. Some side trails are accessible that have great shade.


Arizona, Gila County

00 :04 hrs
0.4 mi
3.3599854 ft

First Water Trail is a great 4x4 access trail that is located along a stunning creek. Great camping opportunities are offered here as well as plenty of trails to hike. The trail is under a half of a mile long. Visitors can expect some small obstacles as well as pinstripes near the beginning of the trail.


Arizona, La Paz County

00 :04 hrs
0.6 mi
28.471008 ft

True Grit is definitely a 4x4 trail with lots of water falls, notches, ledges, and much more. Intense obstacles are constant and the canyon is pretty narrow and steep in most spots. While the trail is difficult, the beautiful views are rewarding. There are a few dispersed camping areas along the Colorado River.


Arizona, Gila County

00 :32 hrs
2.7 mi
276.99 ft

Highline Access is a short and easy dirt trail that runs through beautiful pine trees. Visitors here enjoy hunting for geodes along the way. Dispersed camping is plentiful as well as hiking trails. Very little traffic will be encountered here.


Arizona, Coconino County

01 :31 hrs
17 mi
285.2279 ft

Hull Cabin is somewhat close to the Grand Canyon and is a nice little place for visitors to camp for free and enjoy some beautiful views. This is a very easy and open trail. If driving straight through, this route would take about an hour and a half. A permit is required on this trail.


Arizona, Pinal County

00 :41 hrs
5 mi
187.13898 ft

Elvis Trail is near the Florence area and is a very difficult trail. It is well known for its many waterfalls that will challenge any vehicle. Skid protection and lockers are highly recommended and drivers should be experienced. Sandman Road parallels the entire trail and is an alternative trail. A permit is required here and there is dispersed camping throughout the area.


Arizona, Pinal County

00 :54 hrs
8.7 mi
337.92004 ft

Telegraph Canyon Road is a semi-difficult route that offers great views of the nearby mountains and wilderness areas. A permit is required here and dispersed camping is available. Water crossing and some decent sized boulders should be expected but a stock SUV with good clearance should have no problems.


Arizona, Pinal County

00 :06 hrs
0.6 mi
45.19702 ft

Ajax Mine Trail is a fairly short rock crawling trail that leads straight to the mine ruins. There are quite a few rock waterfall obstacles and is best for experienced wheelers and modified vehicles wanting to test their skills. A permit is required here, and sufficient mapping is recommended due to all of the different mining roads in the area.

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