Best Snowmobile in Alaska

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Alaska, Kenai Peninsula County

03 :45 hrs
19.8 mi
313.132 ft

Russian Lake Trail is located in the Chugach National Forest. There are panoramic views, wildlife, and beautiful winter scenery. Check the avalanche and lake ice conditions before heading out and always be prepared for rapid weather changes.


Alaska, Kenai Peninsula County

01 :55 hrs
10.3 mi
222.66 ft

Part of the North Caribou Hills area, this route begins at the Gravel Pit and intersects with other trails. It is maintained and groomed by the Snomads Snowmobile Club.


Alaska, Matanuska-Susitna County

01 :21 hrs
7.1 mi
296.30603 ft

This route is located with Eureka Trails System and has some steep hill climbs. It is used during the summer by ATV enthusiasts. A spark arresting exhaust silencer or end cap is required for all vehicles.


Alaska, Kenai Peninsula County

01 :08 hrs
6.3 mi
582.86096 ft

The Lost Lake Trail is a segment of the Iditarod National Historic Trail. From Seward Highway the trail climbs through a thick forest up to a mountainside of meadows with beautiful winter views. The trail to Clemens Cabin can be icy on steep lower sections. Once you get past the cabin there are several routes that open up to the Lost Lake.


Alaska, Kenai Peninsula County

02 :56 hrs
15.6 mi
322.77902 ft

The Ohlson Mountain Trail is part of the South Caribou Trails and is maintained and groomed by the Snomads Snowmobile Club. The staging lot is located off Chison Mountain Road and has plenty of room for trailers and parking. There are a few trail intersections along the way for other riding and exploring.


Alaska, Matanuska-Susitna County

00 :44 hrs
4 mi
431.11902 ft

The Pinochle Creek Trail is located north of the Glenn Highway and follows along Hicks Creek. It is open year-round and during the winter months snowmobiles are allowed. The trail also ties into the Eureka and Puritan areas.


Alaska, Matanuska-Susitna County

00 :28 hrs
2.4 mi
17.957 ft

Located in Nancy Lake State Recreation Area. This trailhead and route crosses over Bald Lake, Shem Pete Lake, and Ardaw Lake.


Alaska, Kenai Peninsula County

01 :45 hrs
9 mi
154.101 ft

Beginning from the Tustemena Lake Road, Centennial Trail follows along the edge of Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. It connects to other trails for more exploring. The Caribou Hill Cabins Hoppers Snowmobile Club maintain and groom the trails.


Alaska, Matanuska-Susitna County

01 :05 hrs
5.8 mi
305.56805 ft

Hatcher Pass is a popular snowmobiling area that has a variety of snowmobiling. This route begins at the Fishhook Parking Lot and Trailhead. It follows alongside Archangel Road and is groomed and well signed. It is an easy ride with beautiful scenery with some off-trail riding.


Alaska, Kenai Peninsula County

00 :35 hrs
3 mi
31.781006 ft

Located just off East End Road, the Schade Parking offers a trail that crosses over McNeil Canyon Trail and McNeil Powerline Trail. It is maintained and groomed by the Snomads Snowmobile Club.

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