Best Mountain Biking in Alaska

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Alaska, Anchorage County

03 :52 hrs
8.4 mi
690.0839 ft

Arctic Valley Road is a mountain road that travels up to an impressive viewpoint overlooking the Anchorage area and Ship Creek Valley. On a clear day you can also see Mt. McKinley off in the distance. The first few miles of the ride are on pavement but the roadway then turns to dirt with sections of rough washboard and steep switchbacks. The ride ends at a ski resort which also offers some nice hiking trails during the summer.


Alaska, Denali County

04 :53 hrs
20.2 mi
524.01215 ft

We chose the most downhill section of the Park Road to ride! It was a blast! Bring the bear spray and watch for caribou!


Alaska, Anchorage

02 :52 hrs
6.1 mi
414.43158 ft

The ride up to Powerline Pass is a long and steady climb to a high pass where riders will enjoy awesome views of the Indian Valley, Turnagain Arm, and surrounding mountain peaks. The gravel trail consists of both doubletrack and singetrack that is fairly easy to follow but is strenuous and technical in a few spots. There is the option of continuing over the pass down to Indian for a one-way ride but this is very steep over some rough trail and should only be attempted by very experienced and brave riders. There may be snow along sections of the trail until June and wind can be an issue at the top so come prepared for the elements.


Alaska, Anchorage County

00 :29 hrs
2.9 mi
575.10504 ft

Alyeska Resort is the only place in Alaska that offers lift-accessible mountain biking in the summer for riders to enjoy. There are a variety of trails that lead down to the bottom, and they all differ in steepness and technical difficulty. The downhill trails can be challenging and fast so use extreme caution when riding the resort trails. Some of the trails are used by hikers so watch out for others. Lift tickets are required to access the lifts and are purchased through the resort.


Alaska, Nome

02 :24 hrs
9.5 mi
302.98843 ft

Steep climbs, stupendous views, zippy downhills


Alaska, Anchorage

00 :29 hrs
1.9 mi
98.7729 ft

This loop ride is part of the Hillside Trail System maintained by Single Track Advocates of Anchorage, and follows the southwest tracks for a good beginner ride. There are two additional connecting loop trails that are a little more challenging for intermediate and advanced riders. The trails are all singletrack with lots of small climbs and tight twists and turns. Start the Queen Bee Loop from Drone Lane and follow the loop counter-clockwise.


Alaska, Anchorage County

02 :32 hrs
5.1 mi
130.75671 ft

This out-and-back ride offers riders a scenic and challenging ride along both roadbed and narrow single track trail through Chugach State Park. There is a long climb right at the beginning of the ride as you ascend on the dirt road up to junction with the singletrack trail. From this point on there are lots of smaller climbs over rolling hill terrain. There is one stream crossing required just before the 3-mile mark. The trail is open to foot traffic so watch out for other users on the trail.


Alaska, Fairbanks

01 :25 hrs
5.3 mi
1.9053345 ft

Located east of Fairbanks near North Pole, Chena Lake Recreation Area provides a remote and scenic wilderness setting for many types of outdoor recreation. A dirt bike path in the lake park section offers an easy ride through forested terrain between the lake and the river. The trail is very flat and easy to follow making it a great choice for beginner riders.


Alaska, Anchorage

00 :29 hrs
1.3 mi
164.35643 ft

The trip down Upper Gaseline Trail is a short but thrilling ride along a steep and rocky pathway between the Prospect Heights trailhead and the Hilltop Ski area. The ride can also be done as an out-and-back by starting from the Hilltop access and making the very strenuous ride up a loose rocky trail. There are some large rocks on the trail and it can be very slippery if wet so be very cautious and pay attention to current trail conditions.


Alaska, Anchorage

01 :10 hrs
4.4 mi
27.484203 ft

This loop ride follows multiple dirt trails within the Alaska Pacific University trail system in Anchorage. The ride has some short steep ups and downs but no real challenging sections. There are multiple access points that can be used to start a ride and there are also additional dirt and paved connecting trails that can be used to explore more of the area surrounding the University. The trails are also used by hikers so watch out for others along the way.

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