Best Hiking in Alaska

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Alaska, Anchorage

02 :16 hrs
1.6 mi
392.67383 ft

Flattop Mountain is located in the Chugach State Park just east of the busy urban area of Anchorage. The 3500-foot mountain top is reached by hiking a section of the Blueberry Hill Trail to the saddle where a rugged trail leads up to the top. The trail is marked by painted rocks and requires some scrambling and route finding near the top. The scenery from the summit is excellent, offering 360-degree views of Anchorage and the surrounding mountain ranges. The top can get very windy and cold so come prepared for the elements. The area is very prone to avalanches so use extreme caution if attempting the hike during the winter.


Alaska, Skagway County

02 :42 hrs
2.5 mi
326.99017 ft

Laughton Glacier is located just north of Skagway, flowing off the Sawtooth Range into the watershed of the Skagway River. The experience of hiking to the glacier is enjoyable not only because of the beautiful scenery along the trail but also because the trailhead can only be accessed by a train that travels through some breathtaking landscape between Skagway and the Laughton Glacier Flag Stop. The hike is fairly easy up to the cabin but continuing all the way to the glacier is slightly more challenging. Contact the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad for a current schedule and fares for the train ride. The trail is heavily used for guided hikes so expect to see others along the way.


Alaska, Anchorage County

00 :54 hrs
1 mi
47.398487 ft

The hike to Thunderbird Falls follows a short but scenic trail that leads to both an overlook of the falls as well as to the base of the falls. The hike is a great option for an easy family hike in the Anchorage area. The falls are also a popular destination in the winter when the water freezes and forms interesting ice sculptures.


Alaska, Anchorage County

03 :11 hrs
2.2 mi
582.58203 ft

Alyeska Ski Resort is home to many hiking trails once the ski season is over. Beginning just behind the hotel tram terminal, a well-defined trail leads up the north face of the mountain to the upper tram terminal. The are a lot of switchbacks on the way up making the hike up the steep terrain more manageable. From the top there are great views of the water below and nearby mountain peaks. If you are too tired to make the trek back to the trailhead, complimentary tram rides back down the mountain are available for hikers.


Alaska, Matanuska-Susitna County

06 :18 hrs
10 mi
1662.6384 ft

Mantanuska is a prominent rock spire that gains over 5,700ft. in 6 miles. There is no extensive rock-scrambling, just some boulder hopping involved. The trail follows along the creek and then becomes quite rocky. Bears and other wildlife are native to the area so take precaution.


Alaska, Anchorage

04 :47 hrs
2.5 mi
1027.5432 ft

A challenging and sustained hike up an exposed ridge overlooking the stunning Chugach Mountains and Turnagain Arm.


Alaska, Anchorage

00 :40 hrs
1.5 mi
106.40869 ft

Easy and very popular. Nice wild roses out and other flowers. Pouring rain does not stop most Anchoragians. And they don't do umbrellas either, that's for tourons.


Alaska, Yukon-Koyukuk County

00 :31 hrs
1.5 mi
19.599335 ft

This is for cheap-skate adventurers that don't want to pay to fly into the middle of the park! It's a little over a mile but it's total bushwacking - the tussock mounds make it hard to to get around - plan on hiking at about half your pace. For part of it, there is a 'foot trail' but it's still pretty slow going. The park boundary is essentially a line drawn from the peaks on your left and right... If you have a USGS topo map, it's just past the '32'. We came around the north end of the lake, but you could go around the south end as well. Watch out for bears!!!


Alaska, Kenai Peninsula County

05 :42 hrs
4.1 mi
935.5276 ft

This hike is a tough but worthwhile trek up into the fascinating and rugged glacial terrain of Harding Ice Field located in Kenai Fjords National Park. The trail starts from just below Exit Glacier and climbs steadily through diverse and distinct environments including dense forest, alpine meadows, open tundra, and lastly the snow field. The views along the trail are impressive with panoramic views of ice and snow for miles and miles. The hike up is strenuous and the trail may be covered in snow as late as July and avalanche danger is possible. It can also be very cold and windy up above the tree line so come prepared with appropriate gear. There is no clean drinking water along the trail so bring plenty of water or a purifier.


Alaska, Anchorage

06 :37 hrs
4.9 mi
1042.9558 ft

Wolverine Peak is one of the most prominent mountain peaks in Chugach State Park and provides a popular and worthwhile day hike in the Anchorage area. The long and strenuous climb to the peak results in excellent views of multiple lakes and mountain valleys below. There is a lot of elevation gain up steep rocky terrain to reach the peak so hiking poles can prove to be very useful for the hike. At the very top of the peak there are bugs and wind so you may not want to spend too much time at the very top. Luckily there are some nice spots on the way up where you can stop and enjoy the views in more comfortable conditions. The trail is popular, especially during the summer, so expect to see lots of other hikers along the trail.

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