Best Canyoneering in Alaska

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Alaska, Matanuska-Susitna County

33 :57 hrs
71 mi
1765.0125 ft

Begin this journey across the Chugach at the Eureka Lodge located along Glenn Highway. Check with the lodge staff for a safe parking location. Begin on the opposite side of the highway skiing south towards Nelchina River via one of the snowmobile trails. Enter the riverbed and begin making your way up the large river valley towards Nelchina Glacier, (this river valley is usually frozen until mid April). At the terminus make sure to avoid crevasse hazards. From here gear up and ascend the center of the glacier heading towards Audubon Pass. Plan for three to four days (in good conditions) to reach Audubon Pass. From Audubon Pass, move south across the large north flowing Tazlina Glacier. Work you way across the glacier towards Pinnacle Rock, using Mount Shouplina as a reference point if conditions are clear enough to see that far ahead. Expect to take two days from Audubon Pass to reach Pinnacle Rock if conditions are good. Be sure to use GPS and track your position, especially when conditions are bad and visibility is low. It can be easy to get lost and stranded through this section when weather is bad if you have not prepared properly. After approaching Pinnacle Rock, begin to ascend the headwall of Cashman Pass. Cashman Pass is steep and can be blocked with bergshrund. Check snowpack stability conditions and proceed. Ski traverse directly under Pinnacle Rock, remove skis and cross the bergshrund. If lucky, the bergshrund will be filled with snow making it easier to cross. Continue over to Valdez Glacier. Ascending the headwall will often take up a single days travel time. Travel along Valdez Glacier to the glacier campground outside of Valdez. S3- V