Navajo Lake State Park - San Juan River Run
Rio Arriba County, New Mexico
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02 :36 hrs
3 mi
11 ft

If you are up for an amazing fishing trip, and want to do it by canoe or kayak, head down to Navajo Lake State Park, below the dam. Considered one of the best fisheries, this section of the state park and San Juan River are only open to those who are fishing. Even if all you want to do is paddle around, bring your fishing rod & license and you'll be allowed to put your boat in. This trip starts with your boat in at Texas hole and floats down towards the Cottonwood Recreation area. There are a number of nooks and crannies to explore and it can get up to a Class II, so be prepared. Most of it is easy paddling however, and there are a number of campsites along the river. There is a $5 entrance fee per vehicle and an $8 fee per night of camping.

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