Mosquito Ridge Road to Foresthill Road
Placer County, California
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06 :11 hrs
60.4 mi
5483 ft
Road Biking

Leaving from the town of Foresthill, the looped ride follows a windy country road lined with tall pines as it descends into the Rubicon River and Middle Fork of the American River Gorge, this is the beautiful Mosquito Ridge Road. The route connects to Foresthill Road via Robinson Flat Road. Robinson Flat Road is a 6 mile gravel road; durable tires are highly recommended. Although not quite as windy as Mosquito Ridge Road, but still lined with pines, the route proceeds downhill along Foresthill Road back to town. There is water and restroom facilities at Placer Big Tree Grove at mile 24; this is the only water source along the route. Robinson Flat Road may be blocked into June due to snow; contact the local Foresthill Ranger Station for up to date information on road and weather conditions (530-367-2224).

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