Kaiser Pass Challenge
Fresno, California
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16 :42 hrs
154.1 mi
8743 ft
Road Biking

Every year since 1976 hundreds or more take part in this ride which stretches from Clovis to Kaiser Pass. The ride leaves the city of Clovis and farmlands behind and begins to climb into the forested foothills and Sierra mountains. There are several big climbs before the ride reaches its highest point, Kaiser Pass at 9,184 feet, and turns back around. Other than the town of Clovis, you can find water, food, and restrooms in the following places: Tollhouse at mile 39, Shaver Lake mile 50, Big Creek at mile 61, Shaver Lake at mile 104, Auberry at mile 121, and Prather at mile 125. Sections of the ride follow narrow windy roads, be cautious.

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