Crescent Meadow and Tharp's Log Trail
Tulare County, California
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00 :43 hrs
1.8 mi
167 ft

Crescent Meadow and Tharps Log Trail is a loop trail through the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park. The drive along Crescent Meadow Road to the trailhead is just as impressive as the trail itself. The trail follows the outer edges of Crescent Meadow, which is filled with wildflowers, through a forest of giant sequoias. It is common to see wildlife in the meadow, especially bears. It passes Chimney Tree and Tharp's Log Cabin which is partially built into a fallen sequoia. The trail then follows alongside Green Meadow back to Crescent Meadow and the trailhead. This hike is perfect for families. The trail is both paved and a dirt path to start.

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