Wolf River: County Highway M - Big Smoky Fals
Langlade County, Wisconsin
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06 :08 hrs
12.6 mi
177 ft

This is a popular and famous river that contains both winding quietwater and exciting whitewater. This trip is probably the most popular on the Wolf River and contains the most exciting whitewater on the river as well. A permit is required for each boater per day and there are restrictions on the accesses you may use. Many Class I-III rapids are almost continuous throughout this exciting trip but Big Smoky Falls is the most difficult. An island splits the river and big drops are on both sides. The one on the left is a Class V and is choked with debris and should be avoided under any circumstances. You can take out just upstream of the falls on the left or you can run the falls on the right (Class III). A small ledge begins the long, fast run alongside the rocky island walls, ending in a heart-stopping launch off a 7-foot sheer drop.

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