Red Cliffs Water Canyon
Washington County, Utah
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01 :20 hrs
1.5 mi
257 ft

Water Canyon is located in Red Cliffs Recreational Area and is a very popular hike. It is great for all skill levels. The further you go up the harder it gets. There are some forced swims and climbing. Cliff jumping is popular but always check water levels before jumping.

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5 years ago
We hike Red Rock Water Canyon Memorial Day Weekend, and again in October. Love It!!!
6 years ago
Red Rock Water Canyon is a GREAT Hike for all ages and experience levels. The Hike difficulty level increases the further you go, which is to my advantage having little kids. Each year the conversation always goes something like the following: “Remember how far we went last year? Let’s see if we can go farther than that this time.” When one of my kids has reached their limit, they are able to return to the Picnic / Day-Use Area (with an Adult) and wait in the shade for the rest of the group to return. The BEST part of returning to the Picnic Area is my Grandma waiting with BBQ and Ice Cold Watermelon. “We didn’t know we were making Memories. We only knew we were having FUN!”
4 years ago
We love hiking Red Rock.