Delicate Arch
Grand County, Utah
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01 :36 hrs
1.5 mi
532 ft

Delicate Arch is a 65ft. Freestanding natural arch. It is the most recognized landmark in Arches National Park and is the well-known photo on Utah license plates. The route is a gradual climb along open slickrock on a well-defined trail. Just before reaching the arch the trail skirts along a rock ledge . There is no shade so summer hikes are a scorcher, bring lots of water.

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5 years ago
The best part of this hike is the response of all the world travelers that hike around the corner and see the arch for the first time! My boys were stunned. Well marked and too many people for my liking but it is a must see once in your life time!
6 years ago
Its a fun and fairly easy hike. If you don't like heights there is not a whole ton of them just at the arch and just before it. But you will be fine their is a lot of room to walk. It is a really beautiful arch. If I had one tip is to make sure to stay on the trail and always watch it we went maybe a hundred yards up a hill because we missed a turn. It is a fairly easy hike to me.