Aneroid Lake Basin
Wallowa County, Oregon
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10 :23 hrs
16.6 mi
4902 ft
Backcountry Skiing

Starting just south of Wallowa Lake, this route follows the East Fork Wallowa River through the forest of the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Continuing through meadows, the trail passes by Aneroid Lake Cabins, which are perfect for an overnight stay in this basin. After passing the lake, you'll begin ascending up the mountains of the Aneroid Basin. This route first climbs to the top of Aneroid Mountain and descends down the steep south side. There are no trees for quite a while on this descent, but there is high avalanche danger. After descending the face, you'll head through a chute that will lead to the next climb and ski. The next climb will take you on the ridge above Dollar Lake. The descent begins down a cliff and then drops in a bowl. Use caution when exiting the bowl, as Dollar Lake is at the bottom. After this descent, the route joins back up with the approach trail for the return.

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