Gold Strike Canyon
Henderson, Nevada
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02 :37 hrs
2.5 mi
905 ft

Travelling through Gold Strike Canyon south of Lake Mead, this trail will deposit you on the shore of the beautiful Colorado River a mile below the Hoover Dam (which cannot be seen from here due to a turn in the river). This canyon begins reasonably wide, but is narrow in some spots, and always incredibly beautiful. It is also teaming with wildlife, so be on the lookout for beautiful creatures which should be avoided.

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5 years ago
Perhaps my favorite hike in the area. It has hot springs, the Colorado River, narrow canyons, boulder hopping and climbing, and shade. The boulder hopping and climbing is going to prevent a lot of casual hikers from making the trip. There are around 8 ropes with knots to help you up and down. You need at least 3 of them for safe climbing. Take a swim suit and tryout the hot pools. Probably the best one is at the very bottom as you enter the Colorado. Great place for lunch before the hard work of hiking back up to the top.
3 years ago