Boundary Peak
Esmeralda County, Nevada
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10 :48 hrs
3.9 mi
3309 ft

Nevada’s highest point, Boundary Peak is a summit that few reach. At 13,140 feet, this is a strenuous journey that requires both strength and stamina to climb. We recommend the use of ski poles to reach the summit, but no other equipment is required. Though the trail is only 4 miles long, many who climb Boundary, which is the lowest of the White Mountain high peaks, make this a two-day trip and camp on the slopes leading up to the peak.

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5 years ago
July 20, 2019 : In the photo is Angel of the Lord, on the top of Mount Boundary peak (wave clouds formation).
5 years ago
July 20, 2019 : This bivy app is malfunctioning, cheating me, that's terrible. I tracked my run with bivy app, more than 15 miles to the Mountain Boundary, Nevada
5 years ago
I will never use this bivy app in the future. Bivy app is not good app.