Ptarmigan Tunnel (Glacier NP)
Glacier County, Montana
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05 :52 hrs
5 mi
2299 ft

This historic tunnel was built in the 1930s by Civilian Conservation Corp for horses and early park tours, it features exceptional architecture. The beginning of this route shares the trail with the popular hike to Iceberg Lake. Just past Ptarmigan Falls, at approximately 3 miles the route forks from the Iceberg trail and begins an aggressive uphill climb through meadows to Ptarmigan Lake. From the lake it is additional 800 feet up a barren slope to the tunnel. After walking through this 250 ft. tunnel (6ft. wide by 9 ft. long) which cuts through Ptarmigan Wall, admire the burst of red rock on the other side, and the stunning views of Natoas Peak, Crosley Ridge, and the Belly Rivers as it flows into Elizabeth Lake. Depending on snowpack, the tunnel doors will open in July and close in early October so be sure to confirm the status at the ranger station before starting your adventure.

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