Forest Glen Backpack Trail
Vermilion County, Illinois
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03 :39 hrs
9.9 mi
179 ft
Trail Running

This loop hike follows the longest trail within the preserve leading hikers through diverse habitats to include wooded ravines, tallgrass prairies, seeps, and small ponds and creeks. There are some short but steep climbs throughout the route as well as multiple stream crossings. The diverse habitats of the area are home to a variety of plantlife and birdlife. There are some designated campsites available for overnight trips in the preserve. The trail does require preregistering in advance for a minimal fee so contact the nature preserve before setting out. There are other trails that do not require any type of registration for hikers who have not registered to hike the backpack trail.

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8 years ago
Great backpacking trail. However the trail could be marked a little better. There are some man made bridges and steeps along the trail, but are in pretty poor shape. Trekking poles are highly recommended. If your new to backpacking and just getting started, this trail is great to test your gear load out, and help get you ready for longer trails, it is possible to do the full trail twice in one weekend, is about 22 miles, the original trail loop is around 11 miles.